REPORT: Democrat Governor Spent Taxpayer Money on Personal Groceries, Booze…

Well, well, well… another top Democrat just got caught dipping her hands into the taxpayer well for personal expenses.

While Americans are reeling during the pandemic, a new report broke that New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) was paying off personal expenses with a taxpayer-funded expense account.

In all, she is believed to have spent about $13,500 on items such as her dry cleaning, groceries, and stocking up her liquor cabinet.

Spend That Money

In September alone, Governor Grisham reportedly spent more than $200 on liquor, which was apparently used to host parties at the governor’s mansion.

This is rather ironic in that Grisham has been telling her constituents to avoid multi-household gatherings, yet she was hosting in-person staff meetings at her home.

The report estimated that roughly half of the money in the expense report was used to provide food for her staff during those meetings.

Local Republicans were furious when the report went public.

Republican State House Minority Whip Rod Montoya stated, “I didn’t realize the governor was so underpaid that she has to use discretionary money for things that she should be paying for herself.

“Legislators are all up here doing our job, and we’re doing it on per diem.”

New Mexico House Minority Leader Jim Townsend agreed, stating, “It’s not what tax dollars ought to be spent for.

“In a time when people are hurting all over the state, using their tax dollars to buy Wagyu beef has got to be a little bit disenchanting to many people.

“I think it’s just more of indication of the problem that we have had, and the governor has had, connecting with people.”

Grisham responded, “I don’t want New Mexicans to feel like I don’t take seriously their hardship.”

She then put a staffer right under the bus, stating that the purchases were made by a “woman who works here [who] is a rock star.”

Well, someone had to approve those purchases, and that would be you, Governor.

I love this new strategy being employed by Democrats that it is not their fault because someone on their staff did it (but who do these people report to).

Because of previous abuses of discretionary funds, a new law was enacted in 2019 to specifically limit such wasteful spending, but Grisham apparently believes that law does not apply to her.

Just one more corrupt Democrat that will probably get re-elected instead of being forced to resign because the more corrupt you are, the more Democrat voters love you… just look at the current person living in the residence quarters of the White House for proof of that.

Source: Fox News

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