REPORT: FBI Was Pressuring Americans to Waive Gun Rights

Yet again, the FBI is caught in another scandal.

This time, Daily Caller is reporting on forms that the FBI allegedly forced on people to sign away their gun rights.

According to the report, the FBI went on a hush-hush campaign to approach people in their homes to sign the forms.


The forms were exposed via an FOIA request by Gun Owners of America (GOA).

Between 2016 and 2019, the FBI reportedly visited people in their homes to relinquish their Second Amendment rights because they have been deemed a “danger” or lacked the “mental capacity adequately to contract or manage” their own lives.

GOA attorneys stated, “We’re into a pre-crime, Minority Report type of world where the FBI believes it can take constitutional rights away from anyone it thinks possibly might pose a threat in the future.

“Which certainly is not something you expect in the United States.”

The report says that the people who signed the forms had made online, in-person, or social media threats.

The program that the FBI had initiated was discontinued in 2019.

The FBI responded, “The NICS Indices Self-Submission form was created to provide an avenue for individuals to self-report to the NICS Section when individuals felt they were a danger to themselves or others.”

While the program was touted as a way for Americans to “self-report,” the report claims that FBI agents were pressuring people to sign the forms.

John Harris, a lawyer who heads the Tennessee Firearms Association, stated, “The form seeks to deceive and mislead not only the individual, but perhaps even a medical provider to believe that a mental health issue is adequate to render someone a prohibited person under the statutory language, when the form itself lacks any information or disclosures that make it even remotely an accurate representation of the law.”

This would be yet another strike against former FBI Director James Comey, as the program would have been put in place under his leadership of the agency.

Source: Daily Caller

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22 Responses

  1. Defund the phony fbi their glory days are gone their nothing but a bunch of leftist thugs just like antifa they are a disgrace to Law Enforcement and to the United States of America!

    1. I agree defund our worthless FBI. This organization has turned into the Gestapo And the Biden regime is Hitler Motivated. Wake up people vote these people out.

  2. As long as this administration is in power we will never have a safe America. People that are not paying attention now will certainly be appalled when they do. If we don’t take our power back in Nov. we can kiss 2024 goodby simply because this admin will change the laws to make sure then hold the power. Please , yes your one vote has never been more important than it is now. Vote red if you want your freedom, please, and god bless you and your family’s.

  3. Christopher Wray has no clue how to stay on top of programs within the FBI. There is no internal oversight. Whomever are the attorneys being presented with program details to avoid overreach or legality, obviously they’re not doing their responsibilities. Wray needs to go along with a sweeping out of the corruption this bureau has accumulated in the upper levels.

  4. They fbi is a CROOKED agency, they use politics to abuse innocent people that biden wants them to. They have NO credibility, honesty or truthfulness, they are a Felonius Brotherhood of political hacks and need to be disbanded and reorganized. How will they ever be believed again, they are full of lawless schemes, intrusions, and mishandling of anyone they want, they think that being a Felonious

  5. Every executive office in the Hoover Building needs vacated. Get rid of the career bureaucrats and other dead weight.
    The cookie cutter approach to applicants accepted into the FBI needs changed as well. Less emphasis on over-educated types like CPAs and most especially law degrees (as most law schools are run by leftists!) and hire/educate more street cops. The fewer people who come from the same ideological bubble and the more with real world experience dealing/interacting with all types is the only way to fix the Bureau.

  6. Hopefully, we TRUE AMERICANS will be able to FLUSH the Dumocrats down the toilet come November and clean up their aftermath! Did I mention saving the second amendment too?

  7. Make no mistakes, if the FBI were defunded, only the name would be replaced for something else and the whole system would be similar but with more over-site; because once government entities get power against the people they will find more ways to keep it the same or better. They will try to justify it due to previous policy allowed it or a court proceeding allowed it.

  8. Sadly in our society today if one is looking for a criminal the best place to start is our legal system mainly the DOJ and FBI which are designed to be premiere agencies but have failed their duties.

  9. It’s so disappointing that the so-called high law of the USA is such a disgrace! Where is integrity? Professionalism? Honor? How can Americans trust any of the law at high office levels? Are our families safe at all….PLEASE Someone COME AWAKE and remember your oaths….

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