REPORT: Two Fox News Contributors Quit Over Tucker Carlson Piece

Two Fox News contributors recently turned in their resignations.

According to the report, they did so because they had an issue with Tucker Carlson’s January 6 content.

So, contributors Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes will no longer be part of the Fox team.

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Both Goldberg and Hayes are conservative political commentators.

However, they are also known anti-Trumpers.

So, when Tucker Carlson did his report on January 6, pushing a narrative they did not exactly like, they decided it was time to call it quits.

After “Patriot Purge” aired, the duo turned in their resignations together.

They stated, “Fox News still does real reporting, and there are still responsible conservatives providing valuable opinion and analysis.

“But the voices of the responsible are being drowned out by the irresponsible.

“A case in point: Patriot Purge, a three-part series hosted by Tucker Carlson.”

When Tucker Carlson was asked about the two contributors leaving the network, Carlson responded, “Our viewers will be grateful.”

While there is much being made about their resignations by the media, viewers will probably not really miss them at all.

Both contributors have barely been logging any time at the network, surely a product of their disdain for Trump and conflicting views with some of the most prominent personalities on Fox News.

If they don’t like Tucker, they probably don’t like Ingraham, Pirro, or Hannity, all the big draws for the network on the opinion circuit.

So, as Tucker stated, Fox News viewers will probably be happy they are gone.

Sources: Just the News & The Hill

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18 Responses

  1. Sometimes the truth doesn’t sit well with people that sit on the fence. Why hate Trump ? Yes, he is annoying in his speech, but he’s a wonderful American and loves this country! Which is more than you can say for the lefties in the White House !

  2. Jonah and Steve are NO MORE Conservatives than JUAN Williams nor CHRIS WALLACE ( aka BRANDON WING MAN) NO LOSS at ALL !!!! these are of the ANARCHY SOROS BENT FRAME OF MIND

  3. The only ‘down’ side here is the WITHDRAWAL of ‘liberal’ content. As OPPOSED to the rest of the MSM, FOX has consistently attempted to run a balanced news source. To a conservative (such as me :^) this has sometimes been a pain in the drain. However, I recognize the value of ‘balanced’ news coverage — it’d too bad the liberal news sources don’t recognize this same VALUE !!!

  4. A lot of what Carlson has said is how most Americans view the reactions of the Democratic party and Rinos. These people have been in government for so long that it looks very corrupt. Look at the dept. Every time they are in power look at how the American people suffer. We have had enough of anti-white, anti-American, and lies.

  5. Probably was hard for them because Tucker and Trump can both say complete sentences……….that make sense!

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