REPORT: Human Smuggler’s Boat Capsizes… At Least 4 Dead

As soon as Joe Biden’s moving trucks pulled up to the White House, we warned about the loss of life at the border.  

With the massive surge and Biden’s friendly policies, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing mass casualties as a result of illegal immigration efforts. 


Well, that day has come, as a human smuggling operation was capsized, sending more than 30 illegal immigrants into the ocean, with at least four of them losing the lives. 

Just Follow the Law 

Joe Biden made a critical mistake right after taking office.  

Some of you may remember the story of the child migrant that went viral for making the treacherous journey across the border.  

When Biden heard the story, he lauded the child’s effort, literally welcoming more to make the same journey.  

Biden should have been discouraging these efforts rather than applaud them, but he did not.  

This weekend, four people are dead because of those words, as a boat carrying more than 30 illegal immigrants hoping to get the same welcome from Joe Biden capsized.  

So far, at least four people have been pronounced dead, with at least 27 more being reported injured… 

Now, a massive search is underway at taxpayer expense in the hopes of finding more survivors… 

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Jeff Stephenson stated, “Every indication from our perspective is that this was a smuggling vessel.” 

He would go on to say that the boat was “severely overcrowded.” 

Stephenson continued, stating that the CBP sees more maritime smuggling operations these days, as they are trying to blend in with commercial boats to sneak the illegals into the country.  

So, we are now being infiltrated by land and sea… 

The fact is our border agencies are getting overwhelmed, and last week, Joe Biden made an off-the-cuff promise to end ICE.  

Remember how outraged the media was when illegals drowned crossing the Rio Grande when Trump was in office?  

Well, in just the last few weeks, we have seen numerous reports of illegals dying in the desert, drowning in the Rio, and now in the ocean, yet Biden continues to get a free pass.  

And, while all this is going on, our resident border guru, Kamala Harris, is incapable of walking and chewing gum because she is still using the pandemic to deflect why she has yet to visit the border or any border countries contributing to the problem.  

There is a reason… Democrats do not care.  

Source: Breitbart 

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42 Responses

  1. It’s not really smuggling when dementia jo supplies the t-shirts for these illegal insurgents to just walk across the border and get put on a plane to some other city for free! Don’t know why they thought they needed a boat!
    Remove all of these communist democrats from office! period.

    1. The truth is that the Biden administration is blatantly avoiding all concerns that revolve around any issue, no matter how grave. No matter what this administration says they have opened the borders and created this CRISIS.

    2. I’m sorry but I don’t feel at all bad for these criminals who were trying to get into OUR country illegally. They took their chances and lost. End of story

      1. But they were invited in by our dictator in chief. They did away with the safeguards the Trump admin set up and had no plan to replace them. More docile voters are more important than lives or laws.

      2. They are ILLEGAL! Are there no laws left in our communist country? Go home; our country can’t even take care of our OWN.

        1. They are NOT Refuges, they are illegal Freeloaders stampeding our country because our laws in this country mean Nothing anymore. Illegals make their own laws

      1. Colorado has had no Congressmen that realize that they work for us. We need to cut all ties to
        everyone in Congress from Colorado except Lauren Boebert. Hickenpooper needs to be suspended to Bennet needs to get the hell out of Washington. He is nothing but a Hilary Clinton Sucker on her.

      2. Congress reps are all communists and will side with the illegals, just like Supreme court did. Worthless bunch of snakes.

    3. Deport the illegals too. They have NO business here weighing down our welfare system. We can’t even take care of our Own poor. This guy is nuts, letting the whole third world stampede into our country for US to support. Hes raising our taxes to support them all. They came here ILLEGALLY. Go Home and apply LEGALLY if you want to live in third world America, where Everything is FREE!!!

    4. This site has the word “CONSERVATIVE” in its name yet they “DENY COMMENTS” from posting as bad as Left Leaning sites do.

  2. Funny how ABC. (ALL BOUT CHINA) NEWS. BLACKED Out the faces of those rescued. They don’t want you to have images of illegals on your mind. Everything is fine at the border

      1. Well, look what happens to anyone who is identified in “blackface” — unless one happens to be one of the leftist elite, that is.

  3. Time is past due! Round up all the intruders and take them back
    to S. America. Joe blow doesn’t do a thing. Horrible president ever and
    Camel is the worst! We need patriotic people running America not these
    duffs!We need to get back to basics of what America is about.You destroy
    property etc. you will go to jail and stay!Do not feel sorry for all the intruders.

    1. As the Bible says an eye for an eye so if they are caught destroying remove their right hand and ship them back

    2. I would love to send these “intruders” home but so far nobody has come up with a real way to fix this. The intruders were actually invited by the resident of the White House. The democrats not only caused big, big problems for the people who didn’t vote for them but the democrats who aren’t wealthy are not being treated too good either! Everyone is upset with the situation in this country and other countries are upset with this country. Nothing that has been happening is good for anyone except maybe Obama. He is probably doing exactly what he said he would do. Ruining the country through Joe as his front man. Let us all talk to our Representatives and Senators both local government and USA government. I can’t stand to look at Joe or his family and friends!!

      1. But how do we do this Linda? I’m ready as you are to take our country back but how?

  4. Time to get prison buses to follow a group of national guard thru the fence and into the White House and bring out these corrupt politicians in the house and put them on cargo planes and take them to South America and leave them their using parachutes to unload them. Have Biden, Harris, and poseski pushed off first. They don’t care about us so why should we care about them

    1. EXACTLY!! Send them all back, with these evil democommies they can take home with them, where they can rule in communist countries already established. We don’t need to turn our country into a Communist country to appease them.

  5. This is on our President and his adminisration. They will wear this forever. What the HELL kind of leaders are we seeing today. This is not leadership!

    1. Apparently somebody voted for them. They are all in there. Its not leaderships from a Guy with Dementia.
      Didn’t anybody understand that Joe Blow Biden is nothing but a pawn to the bunch running Washington now.
      Colorado get rid of Senator Bennet and Hickepooper and those who are not working for the People in Colorado. You do realize that Bennet and Stickenpooper want Lauren Boebert out of Congress. She is all that stand between us and Pelosi, Harris and Schumer.

      1. Hickepooper?? For real??? Wouldn’t you think they would legally change that name before running for office. LOL

    2. We do not have president anymore. This is criminal mob and have to be placed in prison. We do not know who rules the country but they are not good people. They are thieves, murderers thats for sure.

      1. You sure got that right. They ALL belong in GITMO. unfortunately they rule the whole government now and are making their own laws, Constitution means Nothing. We need to divide up this country Biden can take NY and DC and we will bring Trump, our REAL president back to save our country. CA can drop off into the ocean; deposit all the illegals in CA and They can support them. OUT OF THE UNION!

  6. Let’s pat Harris on the back for another job well done, can only imagine what she’ll do to the space program. She just loves to see people die and she doesn’t give a rip who they are.

  7. Biden is not concerned with protecting either sides lives His concerns are strictly political.He took an oath to enforce our laws . He ignores them.He should be charged and thrown out of office.

  8. I think they were Koreans. On father down in the news, they mentioned it. Obviously he doesn’t care about these people or Americans or anybody. We’re all just pawns.

  9. I wonder how long this is going to go on!! Does anybody even care anymore? That crazy DICTATOR that occupies the WH should be impeached, along with the rest of this so-called administration!!! YESTERDAY!!!

  10. They do nothing at the border in order to get as many future voters into our country as they can. If enough migrants come here they can more than replace any dems that come to their senses. By 2022 they should have amnnisty. All states need to follow Georgia’s lead on election integrity.

  11. Love a happy ending to a story as this. Too bad they all didn’t expire and decrease the surplus population

  12. “Again and Again your guilt cries out against you, for you are NOT ashamed of your sin. You don’t even try to hide it. Wherever you go, whatever you do, ALL your Actions are filled with sin. SO NOW THE TIME OF YOUR PUNISHMENT HAS COME…I, THE LORD, WILL POUR OUT MY FURY ON YOU AND BLOW ON YOU WITH THE FIRE OF MY ANGER🔥.” (Ezekiel 21) These WORDS OF GOD ARE DECREED TO MANIFEST THROUGHOUT The DncDemocrats, Hunter, Joe Biden-Harris, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Nadler, Tech CEO’, DOJ, FBI, Soros, CNN, Dominion-Smartmatic voting ballots, and ALL who are connected-partnered with ALL of these corrupt rebels. “You can make many plans, BUT THE LORD’S PURPOSE WILL PREVAIL.” (Proverbs 19:21) I agree with ALMIGHTY GOD’S Purpose, Plans, Agenda for The United States and The EARTH, NOW, ALWAYS. “GOD’S KINGDOM RULES OVER ALL” “No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper” (all who agree with these words) I decree in JESUS NAME AND AUTHORITY.

  13. Now, for the sake of the taxpayer, send those people that were saved out of the water, back to their homelands. We don’t need any more welfare recipients in our country.

  14. I don’t feel sorry for ant of those people that died. They never should have been allowed to come here. O”BIDEN should have never told those illegals to come here in the first place. The DEMOCRATES DON’T Want to help out own people out that needs help, like our veterans and their families that gave their lives for our country. O’Biden , Obama , Pelosi , and rest the democrats and Illegals that are in Congress all needs to but on a boat and sent back to CHINA if they want to live in a COMMUNIST COUNTRY. WE don’t need you here . CONGRESS IS JUST AS DANGEROUS AS THE COMMUNIST PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE LETTING IN HERE. We have enough illegals living here that shouldn’t have been allowed here in the first place.

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