REPORT: Justice Breyer Under Immense Pressure to Retire

This little red wave we saw in Texas this weekend is starting to get some people’s attention.  

With Joe Biden’s polling numbers going the wrong way and Democrats getting shut out in Texas, there is a growing concern on the left that Republicans could be back in the White House come January 2025. 

That being said, the heat is getting turned up on Justice Stephen Breyer to retire now to ensure Biden can replace him with a liberal on the bench.  

Retire Already 

Even though Justice Breyer is 82 years old, he has not hinted that he is ready for retirement.  

The left, however, continues to point to the gross miscalculation by the late Justice Ginsburg as proof as to why he needs to retire now.  

Ginsburg was reportedly mulling retirement when Obama was in office, but she firmly believed Hillary was going to beat Trump and put it off.  

Reports stated that Ginsburg wanted Hillary to be the first female president to replace a female justice with another female justice.  

When Trump won, it forced Ginsburg to remain on the bench, and we all know how that played out.  

Democrats do not want to see the same thing happen again, so Breyer is now being pressured to step down after the current term.  

Dan Kobil, a law professor at Capital University, stated, “I’m sure Breyer realizes what a blow Justice Ginsburg’s non-retirement was to the possibility of ever having an even mildly progressive Court in our lifetime. And that describes Breyer — mildly progressive. 

So, I think he would not want to double down on what many view as her miscalculation.” 

Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, added, “If one Democrat leaves for whatever reason, the Democrats could lose the Senate. 

“For Breyer to have someone with his values and views replace him, retiring this summer could be crucial.  

“If the Republicans take the Senate, they will not confirm a Biden nominee.” 

The problem for those calling for Breyer’s retirement is that the aging justice is showing no signs of age regarding mental acuity 

He has always stated, much like Ginsburg, that if he can do the job, Breyer wants to continue to sit on the bench.  

Dems are now running into a situation where it will look like Breyer was bullied off the bench if he suddenly reverses and decides to retire.  

The alternative, at least in their eyes, however, is far worse.  

If Breyer decides to stay on and a Republican wins in 2024, it could possibly give conservatives a 7-2 edge on the court, and we can only imagine the outrage on the left if that were to happen.  

So, expect significant pressure to be applied to Breyer in coming months not necessarily by the White House, but from everyone else on the left.  

Source: The Hill 

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35 Responses

    1. We have a major criminal in the WH, so hopefully Breyer stays until the election fraud evidence is heard by the SC if the have the backbone to come out of their basement. Biden was out there by fraud.

    2. There already IS a (suspected) major criminal on the Supreme Court in the Chief Justice. This anti-Constitutional A** (my appellation) is on the flight lists to pedophile Island and I suspect he is being blackmailed about it and perhaps other aspects of his life.

        1. by obama–so I hear–is the one pushing biden in 90% of his actions–I wonder why obama should be gone–no body is interested in his actions–he is a crook–check his records.

  1. How many people remember the horrors of the confirmation hearings of Justice Clarence Thomas? The most honorable Justice Thomas has proven to be the most conscientious of the members of the Court in respect for the Constitution of our Republic. I nominate Justice Thomas for the seat of Chief Justice as the most deserving of that position.

  2. By 2025 it’ll be too late,the country will be at the point of no return the way its going now,we need a change asap before any more damage is done

    1. It isn’t going to take until 2025. The majority of both parties are corrupt. People talk when it is them on the line. And boy have these birds sang.

      1. Correction

        Too many dumb voters along with the rigged election made it impossible to get a dumb democrat out of the White House before 2025.

  3. Don’t retire. Wonder how people that voted for Biden feel about their choice completely ruining our country.

  4. Democrats are so evil. There plans like this always fall flat. Why are they pressuring him. He is on their side. Hillary had them kill Justice Anthony Alito. It was on her charges.

    I don’t think there is a huge amount of God fearing good Republicans either. Having Trump in Office, then this 2020 voter problem, very little backing for Trump.

    I decided I am going to become a patriot.

  5. Hang on Judge Breyer! Stay in the court, don’t let them bully you into retiring! And yes, I agree Judge Scalia was murdered. Sketchy information on that, and any news shut down about his cause of death. It should be investigated!

  6. Why doesn’t judges in Texas , Oklahoma, and the rConservative states RULE against all of the egregious Executive Actions/Laws/Nonsense that Biden has been writing, I.E. The XL Pipeline and OVER RULE HIM like that silly Hawaii judge [Hinojoso?] , which stopped a lot of Trumps Executive orders in their tracts. My question , HOW did she get away with THAT? I say , do the same to Joe [Nadab} Biden .

  7. Dems are pushing the judge for their own stupid reasons. They didn’t push Ginsburg. Breyer should stay. No one trusts Biden and his phony team.

  8. I agree with Rand! Why aren’t the conservatives in house and senate rising up and blowing those EO’s out of the water?? What’s stopped them? Biden is going so overboard with his anti American EOs. Time conservative members start fighting back. Ted Cruz, Cotton, Tim etc are fighters but they need help. Step up and help stop this maniacs orders! Good for Texas!! Leaders of the highest standards.

  9. It’s good for the Dems to realize that the real American people look to them as failures and deceivers. Without the media scripting all that comes from them and keeping the truth hidden, they ar still not the choice of the American people. Losers.

  10. Since the election theft of 2020 and the Supreme Courts refusal to even listen to it, I have lost all faith in them! Although we have overwhelming evidence the election was stolen, our country has been FORCED to accept an illegal president who is destroying America every day he remains in office! Obviously our CONSTITUTION (that has led us admirably for over 200 years) is no longer important. Therefore, we may as well throw out the SCOTUS and save the money. To my knowledge, Clarence Thomas is the ONLY one worth a plug nickel and he can’t sway the rest of them to do their job…so what is the point in even having a SC?!

  11. If Breyer doesn’t retire they’ll call in the Clintons and have him offed, the Clintons are good at that (murdering their opponents)!!!

  12. Justice Breyer — Please DO NOT allow anyone anywhere to force you to RETIRE! You need to stay the course and make your own decision as to when YOU WANT TO RETIRE, not anybody else.

  13. Were I Justice Breyer, I would consider hiring a security detail. If the dems want that seat vacant so biden can appoint another liberal, they are capable of anything. Remember what happened to Justice Scalia?

    1. I agree they will make him disappear permanently like all the other victims of the Clintons

  14. Justice Breyer, please don’t retire and especially if your not wanting to. Don’t let them democrats bully or scare you into it. That’s one of the problems with the crooked Dems, always wanting control. You have rights too. God bless you on what ever you decide.

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