REPORT: Maxine Waters Ethics Complaint Filed for Abusing Air Marshal Services

An ethics complaint has been filed against several members of Congress for abusing their privileges.  

The most notable name on the list is Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). 

According to reports, Waters was one of several members who abused an air marshal “concierge service,” possibly putting civilian flights at risk in the process.  

It’s Always Something with Mad Max 

I have zero affection for Waters, as most of you know.  

I believe she is one of the most corrupt public officials of our lifetime.  

My opinion… she is a grifter who has a fancy title and is milking the system for everything it is worth.  

To that point, Waters is among those that have been abusing a new benefit offered to members of Congress since the Capitol riot on January 6.  

As a courtesy, members were offered the benefit of requesting air marshals on official business flights to ensure their safety.  

Waters and other members have been using this service for personal business and some getting escorts for vacation flights.  

For instance, on her own time, Waters decided to fly to Minnesota during the Derek Chauvin trial to rile up protesters, and she requested air marshal protection for the flight.  

The complaint filed specifically mentions this flight, stating, “Congresswoman Maxine Waters utilized numerous government resources inappropriately. 

“Federal Air Marshals were removed from a ‘High Risk’ flight to cover Ms. Waters flight to Minnesota.  

“The High Risk flight took off with no armed law enforcement on board leaving a gap in National Security.

“Air marshals for Miss Waters trip were assigned high risk missions, they were removed from those missions and assigned to Miss Waters mission on top of her already armed security detail from the Capitol Police. 

“That was not an official business trip. We still don’t have any justification as to why government resources were utilized to fly Miss Waters out to Minnesota.” 

After the complaint was filed, both the Capitol Police and Secret Service had denied they provided Waters protection on this flight, but that is not really the point of the complaint.  

Waters did not need to travel to Minnesota, but she did, then she racked up a taxpayer bill and had an air marshal pulled off a high-risk flight to feed her ego.  

Sonya Hightower LoBasco, executive director of the Air Marshal National Council, stated, “Air marshals can only be assigned to high-risk flights. That means flights that have been deemed through our vetted process that have a security risk. 

“When these processes are violated and they’re taken advantage of and they are just tossed to the side now as if they don’t matter, we’re really looking into creating a major problem for ourselves in the aviation domain.” 

She added, “Air marshals for Miss Waters trip were assigned high risk missions, they were removed from those missions and assigned to Miss Waters mission on top of her already armed security detail from the Capitol Police. 

“That was not an official business trip. We still don’t have any justification as to why government resources were utilized to fly Miss Waters out to Minnesota.” 

Waters, of course, has not responded to inquires, more than likely because she and the powers that be in the Democrat Party are trying to figure out how to spin this the best way.  

There is no spin… she abused her position, as she does just about every day of the week, and she needs to be held accountable.  

And this time, a censure is not going to do it. This woman needs to be removed from her committee assignments pending a formal inquiry by an outside agency.  

This is just another slap in the face to the American people by a corrupt public official that is NEVER held accountable.  

Source: Fox News 

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83 Responses

  1. It’s only thing I just disagree with is Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician we’ve ever had and still Has never been held accountable
    Let’s us Not to forget those four Americans Hillary and Obama let die in Benghazi
    And we all know it was over the sale of
    Stinger Missiles

      1. I like to see that? It has been to long!we have been waiting long enough! It time to reveal what you have found! Enough is enough this is taking way to long! bring it forward! We demand to know!

        1. The investigation is on a demonRAT so you know if there is anything bad in the report it will never be made public. Usually hidden under or in a garbage can. Everyone knows the demonRATS are above the law and since pigsli considers her being GOD then the demonRATS can do no wrong.. Look at all the bad things that the demonRATS say but are never censured by twitter, fb or amazon. Let a Republican state a proven fact and they are disbarred for life. The three media organization as well as msm are all liberal propaganda machines and I will never believe any word they say.

          1. We need to use the same words, same language in our FB, Twitter, and all as the democrats do and see if WE get “disbarred for life”. Probably WILL but democrats RULE these companies…We may have to find a different way to handle this…like convert liberals – let them feel the wrath of what they believe and want to drown everyone in …then they will change their MO…

          2. Members of the Godless Democratic Party of Treason have no honor and much less honor our nation’s Oath of Office!

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

        2. I keep getting disallowed from saying ANYTHING on this site because someone has “said it before”…I am banned from answering someone who has published the same thought over and over yet not been banned. WHY is this site so “ethically compromised”??? We need to use the same words, same language in our FB, Twitter, and all as the democrats do and see if WE get “disbarred for life”. Probably WILL but democrats RULE these companies…We may have to find a different way to handle this…like convert liberals – let them feel the wrath of what they believe and want to drown everyone in …then they will change their MO…

        3. YES and all of expose Gov. Staff from 2008-2016 now 2020 -2024
          I feel better now until Monday it will start all over again.

        1. Any person like Barr who said there were no voter fraud in the 2020 election must be judged as an idiot!

          USAF (RET)

          1. I agree with you! He is a traitor to the US! I can’t believe he was working
            the last 4 months with the phony Biden Administration. What traitor! I can’t believe
            how these creeps keep their head up! What a POS he is and lying individual! They have no morals! And we Americans shouldn’t be laying these scumbags a salary!

      1. And she must repay the entire monies stolen from the American taxpayers during her non services as California’s Representative, and then, sent to prison for insurrection!

        USAF (RET)

      2. Nothing will be done to mad Maxine until 2022 when the Republicans take back the House and Senate. Then you are going to see some heads roll simply because of how the Dems have treated the Republicans and us Conservatives. And the best thing; the Dems will have to sit back and watch and will not be able to do anything about it.

    1. You are right Richard and “yes, Hillary, there really is a Hell and that is where you will be going!” I regularly remember Benghazi and how Clintons and Rice were complicit in the death of the people there. A normal person would not be able to live with that on their conscious. I see “baby Clinton” is beginning to stretch her unattractive arms to enter the political arena and take over the CORRUPT CRIMINAL AND ANTI-AMERICAN Clinton Foundation. God is watching.

      1. All democrats are Equally crooked, and corrupt! No two are above the other in this.
        They all belong either behind bars singing the blues, or swinging.
        Maxine is a chip off the iceburg, and so too is hellery.
        This goes way back.
        The democrats were responsible for the executions of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, and a few others.
        These pagans will burn!!

        1. It was JOE KENNEDY and his business buddies in the big “M” world that killed those stars of the generation… Joe was responsible for the reign of death because he crossed his buddies. Thanks for letting me say something I have festered with for more than 50 years!!!

      2. Is “baby Clinton” really William Jefferson Clinton’s biological daughter?

        USAF (RET)

        1. John: I had read she was Hubbell’s kid a long time ago. I can’t remember his first name. They had picture of him and her she has Hubbell’s cheeks etc!

      3. Some people are totally void of any conscience. That’s why the Bible in 1 Timothy 5:25 says “Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.” The Clinton’s have shown that they are void of any conscience at all. They have chosen to openly sin against God and that their sins are going before them to judgment. It is the choice that they have willingly made. Their conscience is (as the Bible says in 1 Tim. 4:2) seared with a hot iron (meaning that they are destitute of any conscience at all).

      1. Pelosi is in the same boat as that of the Clintons. She is void of any conscience at all. Now, we all knows that she “claims” to be a Catholic. But simply “claiming” to be something, doesn’t make it true. Nancy Pelosi is giving Catholic’s such a bad name. When an individual cheats, steals and lies, they are completely void of any conscience at all, and certainly not what she “claims” to be. She has willingly chosen to be a cheater, liar and a stealer. Her sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment. And when she engaged (and kept doing) here evil ways, she seared her conscience (meaning that she is totally destitute of any conscience at all).

    2. Amen Richard you are so right. Mad Max [love it how fitting] is right behind her they are never made accountable & Hillary Obama & crew with Bengazi [ap] I will never forget they slept while these HEROS cried for help murders.

  2. Yeah right…now they will have a whitewashing and Maxine will throw her race card…and business as usual.

      1. Maxine Water’s days are numbered. She will be removed in 2022, when the Republicans take back the House and Senate. But for now, we have to put up with her because the corrupt Dems will not remove one of their own (Eric Swalwell being a prime example). However, she will not be the only one removed. Other heads are gonna roll as well.

  3. Waters should not of abused her power. To go and encourage violence by getting in people’s faces as she has done before. That’s wrong for a woman in her stature. Not a leader, stop the division. She should be removed and people need to be aware of those who take advantage of their position. They suppose to work for all the people.

    1. I don’t know where a lot of Americans get the idea that politicians are our leaders, they are our employees and are tasked to perform certain tasks, which most do poorly. The only people with leadership abilities are the former military personnel who were trained to lead. My 36 yrs service gives and my interest in the political me the ability to judge most of these people. People, start looking and listening to what you are voting for.

      1. You are right, they are OUR employees and as such should be subject to being FIRED immediately when they do not do the job they are paid to do. 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸

    2. Finally the people have begun taking notice of just how much abuse of power these Dem politicians have done. But the one that gets me is when mad Maxine took a flight to Minneapolis to demonstrate the George Floyd trial and used our tax dollars to employ additional security for protection. She didn’t even go to her district, but to Minneapolis to protest. Her days are numbered. So sit back and wait until 2022 when the Republicans take back the House and Senate.

  4. She has done things like this for years. She has paid her daughter very high salaries out of her budget money for doing useless jobs for her. This needs to be paid back to the taxpayers. I just can’t understand why these people think they are so important and are not covered by the rule of law. They certainly are not special in my eyes. They have done nothing but be on vacation and stir up troubles for over two years. he needs to go and she needs to cough up the money she paid her daughter and return to taxpayers.

  5. Why is this ignorant woman still in Congress? The people she is supposed to represent
    are a lost cause as far as she is concerned. She doesn’t even live where her constituents
    live. She considers herself better than they are and she believes none will ever understand
    exactly what her mission is…WEALTH!! She’s all about money no matter the consequences.
    Her ultimate desire is to hurt any person in opposition she can and she is the abnormal example
    of a racist. A confrontation with the Asian population would destroy her, personally and politically.
    Her ignorance is personified every time she open her mouth; and Asians are so much smarter than
    she could ever hope to be.

    1. The reason she’s still in Congress is simply. Congress is controlled by corrupt Dems who will never remove one of their own. Some examples are in order here. They refused to remove Eric Swalwell who had a relationship with a Chinese spy. They refused to remove Maxine Waters when she incited violence against any Conservative. They refused to remove Omar when they discovered that she married her brother in order to illegally enter the United States. They refused to remove Talib and Cortez when they supported a terrorist organization (Hamas) over democracy. They refused to remove Nancy Pelosi for supporting domestic terrorist organizations such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter when they were burning down federal buildings, homes and businesses. And this is only a few. THIS IS THE CORRUPT DEM PARTY.

  6. I agree that Maxine needs to be removed. She is not a servant to people but a taker. It has nothing to do with the color of her skin.
    She uses it as an excuse to keep things riled up.

    1. That Sir, is exactly what I thought as I read this piece of garbage, Waters will never be charged; yet look what is happening to Rep Greene because she had the gall to challenge the “goggle eyed barmaid” from Queens.

      1. The only reason she won’t be charged at this present time is because the Dems have control. But I am going to make a prediction. In 2022, when the Republicans take back the House and Senate, you are going to see some heads roll. I say this simply because the Dems have make the Republicans sit back at that this and not be able to do anything about it.This will change in 2022. You have heard the old saying “what goes around comes around.” That’s exactly what’s going to happen. People don’t forget it when you make them look like a fool. This will be the good part of all of this. The Republicans will have the majority in 2022, and they won’t need the help of any Dem. They will have to sit back and watch their precious Maxine get removed from Congress and can’t do anything about it.

  7. Waters is an ugly, corrupt, evil black racist! She needs to be tried, convicted and thrown in jail! She has no moral character. Joe Collins needs to beat her in the election and send her ugly foul mouth back to Los Angeles!

      1. Maxine is getting ready to be eaten alive by the sharks in 2022, when the Republicans take back the House and Senate. They have been calling for her head, and when they have the majority, they are going to get it. And the best thing is that they won’t need any help from the Dems to do it. The Dems will have to sit back and watch and cry like a bunch of babies in diapers. It’s coming.

  8. Waters runs her ignorant mouth and then requires the taxpayers whom she threatens to pay for the security details that protect her. This disrespectful ignorant hag should be indicted for inciting violence, riots and social mayhem. She, through her own actions, should be denied taxpayer provided security and be made to account for the targeting of American citizens who disagree with her violent rhetoric.

  9. Agree with all posts! Waters is a race baiting bigot, grifter, scammer and bully. She needs to be removed from congress! She does NOTHING but cause trouble, and gets paid BIG bucks for doing it! Remove her!!!

  10. Pelosi and Mad Maxine are two of a kind. Maxine is a very nasty, ill tempered person . She had no business
    going to Minnesota and she should be reprimanded and stripped of any head of any committee meetings. You did that to Cheney, now Maxine needs to feel the brunt of the American People she so hates. What the heck is she being paid to hate the people she should be representing. Shame on both of them.

    1. Maxine Waters should have been removed long ago ! She actually told a crowd of people to get up in all Republican’s Faces wherever they see them in public with their families, eating etc. These no good politicians take advantage of the American taxpayer every way they can ! Pelosi with her bar bills on flts. why should we have to pay for these no good slime bags ! Maxine should be investigated but it won’t happen ! How is it that politicians all become rich. They wouldn’t be corrupt now would they ? It’s time for all Americans to question what these people are doing, starting with the man in the White House ! He is destroying everything. President Trump was responsible for getting the vaccine to us, he also had the border problem fixed but Biden screwed that up along with many other things but tries to blame Trump God Help this Country !!

  11. Well The Old Black Spider got Caught in her Own Web
    The question Is when are they going to throw her out Of congress ?

    1. The Dems are not going to throw her out of Congress. They will not get rid of one of their own. This will happen in 2022, when the Republicans take back the House and Senate.

  12. If you are among the group of people that actually think that Maxine Waters gives a crap what you think you are sorely mistaken, she is a liberal /democrat and a race baiter and makes no bones about that, with that being said, she knows that as such, she will NEVER be held accountable for anything that she does, never has, never will. If anyone even attempts to start to hold her accountable she will promptly whip out her insane rant on how her race is so oppressed and try to start another race riot which seems to be the go to response of all the black legislators that aspire to her beliefs. I a
    totally agree that this creature is disgusting and should be imprisoned for the rest of her miserable life for her actions, but that will NEVER happen, she will most likely be given an award by her totally racist black minons, WAIT AND SEE !!!!

    1. Maxine Waters is in for a rude awakening. She’s not stupid. She knows that the Dems are the only reason that she has not been removed from Congress. But wait until 2022, when the Republicans take back the House and Senate. I anticipate that she will resign before she will allow the Republicans to remove her. The Republicans have been calling for her head for a long time now and she knows it. After the 2022 election she knows the Dems can’t protect her anymore. Her days are numbered and she knows it.

  13. They won’t do anything to old Maxine because they are all in this mess at the expense of the working people and the tax payers money. All of them are above the law. They will say something about her after she is dead and gone.

  14. I can understand, why she still in the Congress. Is not only Maxine Waters what about Mr. Shwallwel. And the big one Mrs Pelosi. What happen with the Republican. They cannot do something. They put Mrs. Green out. And Republican. Still they don’t open their mouth..

  15. Someone with enough intestinal fortitude to put the handcuffs on Walters one and for all, and get the Durham report published once and for all.

  16. Maxine and all the rest of congress and senate are not employees of the U.S. Government nor are they employees of the American People. They are our representatives. They should have never been allowed to collect a paycheck nor should they ever be allowed to take trips at our expense. If they are so damned honorable and want to do the right thing then let them serve as it was intended by our founding fathers. If they are to continue collecting a payment for their services then make them punch a time clock and dock them when they are not there doing what they are supposed to be doing. Serving us. Term limits should never be a question. It should be a given. Take away all of the free crap that they receive and make them serve off the bare minimum. No protection. If they feel they need protection then it is obvious they are not serving the people appropriately.

    1. Well stated Paul Poley! I’m even more angry when they voted for themselves a hefty pension and other generous benefits after serving only one term in office without our knowledge or consent!

      USAF (RET)

  17. Waters, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein have been in office for over fifty years and I have followed the actions of politicians ever since I’ve have privilege of voting over the last fifty years. They have become multi-millionaires and have enriched their families. I haven’t seen anything that they have done that helped law abiding taxpayers lives.
    They are all examples of why term limits without of any office between service (?) For ten years should be enacted.


  19. I guess I wasn’t allowed to mention a “Constitutional Convention” and a “RECALL” in order to have it posted on “Conservative Journal Review.” Am I correct!?

    USAF (RET)

  20. Mid term elections are coming up. And if you all wan’t to get rid of these scum balls, just vote them out of office.
    Really, how much more simple can it get than that?????
    (((((((((((((((( VOTE )))))))))))))))

  21. She will pull the race card for herself now. Nothing but a thug herself. Nothing will be done to her.

  22. It is about time she is charged for her abuse and arrogance. I hope something will be done but I will not hold my breath. I think she deserves to be tossed out of Congress and politics altogether. Waters is not a good example of out members of Congress. We don’t need corrupt old swampers running our country.

  23. send this niger waters back to the cotten fields and make her due what she was born to due………….

  24. Waters has been inciting violence at will in crowds of people to intimidate and control. This is against the Constitution, inciting violence in YOUR OWN COUNTY? How damn stupid do you have to be.



  26. I hope people don’t hold their breath waiting on Waters to be removed or put on trail for causing riots! Democrats seem to be above the law and can do any thing they want. Example, look at Pelosi, she gets away with murder. I still say its our fault because we do nothing about it but complain and they couldn’t care less how much we complain because they know we don’t have the guts to do any thing about them.

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