REPORT: Mike Pence Declined CPAC Invite

When the guest speaker list for CPAC was announced, we noticed some names that were glaringly missing.

Among them were Nikki Haley, Senator McConnell (R-KY), and Vice President Mike Pence.

If you notice, they all have one thing in common… a recent tiff with President Trump.

Pence Says ‘No Thanks’

Haley at one time was a favorite among conservatives to run for President in 2024, with her UN Ambassadorship seemingly being the perfect transition.

Personally, I believed that had Trump won, Haley would have been tapped for a significant Cabinet position that would have greased the ways for her to get on the 2024 ticket.

Her silence during the election and subsequent comments about Trump and the riot on January 6 ended that, however.

That was made apparent when Haley reached out to Trump to smooth things over and her meeting was declined.

McConnell was also missing, but he and Trump also had a falling out over the last few weeks over both election fraud and the rioting.

Then there is Mike Pence.

Pence was reportedly very upset with Trump for both calling him out for certifying the election as well as Trump not reaching out to him personally during the riot to make sure he was okay.

Reports have broken since that Senator Tuberville (R-AL) had informed Trump that Pence was okay, but there has even been pushback on that.

To that point, Pence was reportedly invited to CPAC, but he declined as he is apparently still rather upset with Trump, who will be a featured speaker on February 28.

Some members of Pence’s team have told Fox News that Pence still harbors some “bitterness” toward Trump for how things played out at the Capitol that day, with Fox News’ Chris Wallace recently reporting that Pence felt as though it was the “ultimate betrayal.”

Marc Short, Pence’s former Chief of Staff, however, has pushed back on that report, stating that Trump and Pence still speak after having left office.

Trump has yet to make a statement regarding Pence other than his farewell address, where he thanked him for his help and service during the administration.

Pence also issued a statement after leaving office mentioning the former president and our former first lady.

There is a lot of “he said, she said” going on right now, as the trolls would love to drive a wedge between Pence and Trump’s army of supporters, most likely because Pence is currently polling in second place behind Trump for possible Republican presidential candidates in 2024.

We fully expect one or both of them to comment on this very soon to clear this up and end all the speculation that is going on in the media right now.

It would not be shocking for Trump to add some clarity to this during this CPAC speech as well as offering some insight as to whether or not he will run in 2024 or if he will just give his blessing to another candidate.

Source: Fox News

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