REPORT: National Guard Being Used for Garbage Detail at Border

Our troops join the service to help protect this nation.  

Biden, however, now has them on cleanup duty, according to a local Texas sheriff. 

While speaking with Fox News, Sheriff Andy Louderback stated that National Guard troops are now being tasked with cleaning up the trash left behind by illegal immigrants.  

Trash Duty 

By now, most of us have seen the disgusting border videos of what is left behind by these massive caravans hitting our border. 

Not only are these groups disrespecting our laws, they are also disrespecting our country by leaving piles of trash behind.  

Sheriff Louderback called it a “complete embarrassment” that troops are now being relegated to cleanup crews.  

He continued, “It’s incomprehensible that a national security border, our border with another…foreign country is in the shape that it is.” 

Louderback also talked about the more serious problems at the border as well, such as the fear many border Texans are now living in.  

He stated, “Do we talk about the level of fear here in Texas and across the United States as an open border policy expands here?  

“Do we talk about the cartel expansion and the strength and the power that they now exhibit here in the United States?” 

These are all the issues networks like CNN refuse to cover and they are absolutely issues this administration will ever admit to being present.  

This is a problem, Joe, so fix it and stop turning our troops into trashmen! 

Source: Fox News 

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67 Responses

  1. The military will soon begin departing when their enlistment time ends. First life is a loving hell for cops and now our military.

  2. Our military should not be picking up trash after the immigrants! Pelosi, Biden and Harris and Shummer pick up the trash!

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