REPORT: New Scandal Rocks the FBI

There is yet another scandal popping in the FBI.  

This one, however, was going on for more than a decade. 

While it did not happen during Merrick Garland’s watch, Republicans are asking him to come in and explain this mess.  

Let Them Resign 

The report comes via another whistleblower report via Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA).  

The documents he has show more than 660 FBI employees that were given the chance to retire or resign before answering for sexual misconduct charges against them.  

The employees who left before an investigation was launched are not included in that number.  

Grassley penned a letter to Director Wray and Merrick Garland, stating, “Simply put, these two documents show a systemic failure within the Justice Department and FBI to protect female employees from sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in the workplace and a failure to sufficiently punish employees for that same misconduct.” 

I have not yet talked to my contacts in the FBI about this, but I cannot wait to hear their feedback on this.  

This is yet another massive strike against James Comey as well, who would have been the director for during a significant portion of this scandal.  

It is also a blow against both Biden and Barack Obama, who were in office for half of this scandal.  

Source: Just the News