REPORT: Pelosi Threatens to Keep House Activities Limited Until All GOP Get Vaccinated

House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) has once again shown that she would prefer divide over cooperation.  

Her choice of words, when asked about the House resuming normal operations, were despicable. 

She had a real chance to promote unity within the House, but she instead chose to make it a partisan attack.  

It’s All on the Republicans 

Pelosi has been getting hit about the House still lagging in terms of scheduling.  

Pelosi stated that this is still happening because not enough members of the House have been vaccinated.  

She then put the onus of the problem on Republicans, which she cannot prove.  

She stated, “We cannot require someone to be vaccinated. That’s just not what we can do. 

“But you would hope that science would guide them to protect themselves, their family members and be good colleagues in the workplace, to get vaccinated. 

“And the sooner that that happens, the better for everything.” 

Pelosi added, “The Republicans come up to me and say, ‘Let’s shorten the time for votes, let’s shorten the time for votes.’ I said, ‘Well, tell your friends to get vaccinated.'” 

I would all but guarantee there are still Democrats that have not been vaccinated, but you heard the tone. 

It gets even worse… 

When Pelosi was asked about some members of Congress not wearing masks, she stated, “But that’s incidental. It’s not anybody important.” 

Really? Those are the words of the House Speaker, literally saying that some members of Congress do not matter.  

I am must curious how words such as that are considered to be unifying.  

This woman is evil and petty, and she surely does not belong in Congress any longer, let alone a leadership position and in direct line for the Oval Office if something were to ever happen to the sitting president and vice president.  

Source: The Hill 

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30 Responses

  1. The Democrats have to lead an effort to removed Pelosi, it is and had been evident she can’t lead the congress. Tell her to show proof that all Democrats are immunized and the Republicans aren’t. This is such a lame excuse for not bring bills to the floor, committee decisions not brought forth that it makes her and all Democrats look like imbosills.

    1. Question? Is Pelosi vaccinated? How about Schumer – is he vaccinated? How many Democrats have not been vaccinated? THAT IS THE BIG QUESTION!!

      1. It is time now to impeach Biden, Harris , Nasty Nancy , Schumer can go to along with shifty Schiff. They all need to go right this min . We can not wait any longer if we want our freedom. They are hell bent for leather to take our freedom away because we do not matter . The only ones that matter are the Corrupt Democrats

        1. Get your facts straight Congress men and women cannot be impeached they can be expelled not impeached and censored in House then Senate. If that happens they can never serve again and it is not easy to do as Dems are not likely to Expell Pelosi or Schumer though they should and yes the Senate can bring charges too but with things as they are now Dems have the upper hand. Better pray GOP gets it in 2022 elections.

      2. How about the constitutionality of requiring a vaccine to do your job ?? I don’t believe “HRH Pelosi” has that right. But then the Constitution means absolutely nothing to Pelosi and her henchmen. How sad for those of us who do believe and believe it should be followed to the letter. I can only hope we survive their agenda.

      3. And what have they been vaccinated with? This is a conspiracy to get everyone vaccinated with this poison. They only got a placebo!

  2. If a lack of masks Prevents progress in the Peoples House, then LET THERE BE NO MASKS! Lack of progress IS progress for conservatives who shudder at the thought of Democrats threatening our lives with their progress! The Less liberally the rule making is applied, the Better Off We All Are!

  3. Wake up America! The congress is ours where all who work there need to be doing their jobs for we the American people. Obviously she can’t do her job and she this hurts all our voices from being heard thru the representatives, ALL not just hers or dem reps. Another way to silence half the people. She sucks!!

  4. The Democrats, of course, being above the law, do NOT have to get vaccinated. They are free to pursue their evil machinations without any interference from any law or regulation. Only non-liberals MUST comply with the imperial decrees of their liberal overlords!

    1. They CAN’T post your original comment !!!!!!!!!!! You may have told the TRUTH about the “PLANDEMIC” or God forbid, said something NEGATIVE about the ELITISTS ruining our country !!!!!!!!!!! Or you may have used a WORD that is not APPROVED by the “WOKE LEFTISTS” !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I probably have you beat on the number of posts that have MAGICALY disappeared on this forum !!!!!!!!!! I don’t think they like me !!!!!! Let me put on my SHOCK FACE !!!!!!!!!!! But good luck Marsha !!!

    1. Why don’t you just post it again? It seems obvious “they” aren’t going to post it for you. Make s copy of it.and every time they remove it, post again. We have freedom of speech, so use it.




  5. Piglosi is a snake!!! She should have to be kicked out of congress for abuse of power. She can’t force ANYONE to be vaccinated! She has overstepped her bounds one too many times! Now is the time to vacate the speaker’s chair, boot her out of congress and put in a REAL conservative as speaker! Her high handed crap has to come to an end, post haste!

  6. One of the Fortune tellers on here said that her and some of her friends have all seen that piglosie will DIE before the years end….!!! I wonder if it is so..???

  7. It is against the LAW for her to even make those comments!! Impeach her but Dems won’t do it

  8. Does that sound as strange to you as it does to me. Why would that Black Hearted Witch Pelosi want to
    make sure that “Conservatives” are vaccinated. What is in the vaccine she is so desperate to get into the
    systems of the Conservatives, her enemies? She just may have accidentally slipped up and admitted that
    their is something more to these vaccines that meets the eye. I am not one to be a conspiracy nut but I
    do not trust the LEFTIST at all. They have pulled out all the stop legally and morally to get what they want
    which is Power as in Communist Total Power. They know they have brainwashed and subdued their supporters
    to the point they are brainless robots, but the Conservatives are another matter all together. They are going
    to do anything and everything in their power to subdue us or kill us whichever comes first. It matters not to them
    which one that is.

  9. Nancy Piglois is an IDIOT!!!! She can’t speak unless her hands and arms are flopping all over! Watch her and watch her hands and arms, really she can not speak unless her body is flopping all over! At 82, she definately needs to retire, put her in one of Cuomo’s nursing homes, she deserves the official DemoRAT treatment…

  10. If everyone will recall Pelosi is nothing but a drunk. Look back to when the Air Force took her jet away from her. It was loaded with all types of expensive booze. When her arms is flapping is could be she needs a drink of her favorite booze. May luck be with us and she will catch COVID and that will help with some of our problems. Obama who is busy partying at the expense of the American taxpayers wears no mask at his parties with all his DemocRATS buddies, all democRATS. HOPE THEY ALL DISAPPEAR, MAY GOD FORGIVE ME. I LOVE MY COUNTRY, OR WHAT USED TO BE MY COUNTRY.

  11. I am praying for Nancy Pelosi.
    I pray that she gets COVID
    I pray that she gets visitors at her walled house and that they scale it and enter her home and destroy it!
    I pray that the thousands of violent criminals that her state of CA also visit her home and commit crimes against her and her family.
    I pray that she leaves this earth in the most painful way possible… taking Maxipad Waters, Schumer, AOC and the Squad, Littke round face Nadler and of course Beetle Juice Shifty Schiff!

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