REPORT: Pelosi Trashed Dr. Birx in Private Meeting

When trade adviser Peter Navarro dared to challenge Dr. Fauci’s expertise, he was crushed by the media and Democrats.

When Trump openly called Dr. Fauci a bit of an “alarmist” and said Fauci made some mistakes during the pandemic, everyone, including House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA), lost their minds.

Well, now the shoe is on the other foot because Pelosi got caught saying some rather nasty things about COVID-19 task force member Dr. Deborah Birx.

Pelosi Unleashed

About two weeks ago, the New York Times published a less than flattering piece on Dr. Birx.

In essence, the piece made it sound as though she had taken all her medical knowledge and dumped it in the trash in favor of putting on a cheerleading outfit for Trump.

When the report came out, she was heartily defended by the White House.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany stated, “I have not seen anyone poring over data the way Dr. Birx has and the attack on her was frankly appalling and egregious and The New York Times should be very ashamed of themselves.”

Well, as it turns out, the Times’ writers were not the only ones talking trash about Pelosi.

Pelosi apparently thought she was in a safe space during a recent meeting with Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin.

A Politico report on Friday quoted Pelosi as saying, “Deborah Birx is the worst. Wow, what horrible hands you’re in.”

She also reportedly could not heap enough praise on Dr. Fauci, but only doing so because he “came to his senses and is now a hero.”

Can’t We Just Be Honest?

Dr. Fauci is not perfect but because he continues to be an alarmist, Democrats love him.

Everyone is now concentrating on the number of people that are testing positive and totally looking past how many people are recovering and the dropping mortality rate.

With 500,000 or more tests being done every day, we are going to see more and more positive cases, but people are no longer dying at the rate they were in the spring.

This is not to say rates won’t climb again in the fall when flu season kicks in and people are forced back indoors, but the situation right now is hardly as dire as Democrats and the media want people to believe.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of people like Pelosi, if you are not a fearmonger, she will rip you to shreds and try to ruin your reputation.

Source: New York Post, New York Times, & Politico

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