REPORT: Pro-Trump Business Owner Commits Suicide

Imagine being a small business owner and seeing your business being destroyed by rioters.

Now imagine fighting back, only to find yourself on the ground, fighting for your life.

Would you fight back? Would you fire a gun at your attackers if you were armed? Jake Gardner allegedly did just that, and a local prosecutor indicted him on manslaughter charges, among other crimes, so he killed himself.

Fighting Back

On May 30, Gardner found his business getting destroyed by BLM rioters in Omaha.

A fight eventually broke out between Gardner and James Scurlock, a 22-year-old black man who was allegeldy part of the rioting.

Gardner shot Scurlock, who it was reported had broken several of Gardner’s windows as well as other businesses in the neighborhood.

This is the video the shooting that went viral at the time…

The Indictment

Initially, charges were not pursued and the incident was ruled as self-defense.

The polarizing environment we now live in changed all that, however.

District Judge James Gleason eventually signed off on an arrest warrant, forcing the retirement of one of the investigators that ruled self-defense in the initial investigation.

When the case went to a grand jury, Garnder was indicted on counts of manslaughter, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, attempted first-degree assault, and terrorist threats… for defending his business.

Before this happened, Gardner had previously volunteered for the Trump-Pence campaign…

And now, rather than face the charges and possible jail time, he has killed himself.

This appears to be a manufactured case that had the sole purpose of pacifying rioters that have held this city prisoner for more than three months.

This could have been any one of us for defending our home, our business, or our personal property.

Think about that when you head to the voting booth in November.

Source: The Post Millennial

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I would NEVER have taken the endorsement of the man who, through gross incompetence, poisoned the people of Flint, Michigan. Former RINO Governor Rick Snyder should be ashamed of himself and his service. I was asked to help fix it. Biden took his endorsement. VOTE TRUMP!!!

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