REPORT: Schools Are NOT COVID-19 Super-Spreaders

Numbers are a funny thing in that you can generally make them say whatever you want if you take the right angle.

A new report analyzing the hard data since kids have been to school, however, shreds the Democrat narrative that schools being opened are creating super-spreader events.

The report focused on the actual percentage of cases reported rather than the number of COVID-19 cases, which is the true sign of how much school openings are spreading the virus.

The Numbers Game

As of the 2015-16 school year, there were 139,874 learning institutions in this country, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. That figure goes up just a bit almost every year, but for our purposes here, let’s call it an even 140,000.

If only ten children tested positive for COVID-19 and two teachers tested positive in each school, that would amount to 1.68 million cases of COVID, which is a pretty scary number. For that very reason, Democrats like to use numbers, like “more than 200,000” dead and “more than 8 million cases.”

The overall number is not as important as the percentage, which is why this new report about school openings destroys the fearmongering Democrats are doing on this front.

The Report

When you look at the data from the COVID-19 School Response Dashboard, the percentages of cases are shockingly low.

The data breaks down schools from 47 states, accounting for 200,000 children over the last two weeks of September. It shows that there is only a .13 infection rate among the children and a .24 infection rate among staffers.

Emily Oster, a Brown University Economics Professor, stated, “I think it was thought the minute we get people together in schools, there would be these huge outbreaks — and that hasn’t come to pass.”

She not only pointed to the fact schools are NOT super-spreaders, but also the toll this is taking on our children.

She stated, “It’s tricky to say, ‘Why not be safe and do the safest thing’ ” and go to all-remote learning. “Well, you’re not looking at the e-mails I’m getting.”

The emails she was referring to are about how children are getting depressed, with some even choosing suicide rather than continuing in this “new normal” of virtual living. Oster discussed one specific email where a mother stated that “her daughter’s best friend killed herself and left a note saying, ‘I can’t handle the way school is.’”

Oster stated, “That is just an anecdote, but I think we are forgetting the human cost on the other side some of the time.”

In reality, school is where our children learn how to interact in society as well as where their most important bonds are created outside the family… something they are all being deprived of right now. Donald Trump, when referring to the shutdown, stated that the cure cannot be worse than the illness, but that is what we are seeing right now in states that refuse to open and that refuse to allow children to go back to school.

Oster, in an op-ed, slammed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, writing, “Democratic governors who love to flaunt their pro-science bona fides in comparison with the anti-science Trump administration don’t seem to be aware of this growing body of evidence.”

She further stated, “On Monday, for instance, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo claimed that businesses were not ‘mass spreaders,’ as opposed to schools, and subsequently announced that he would close schools in hot-spot areas.”

She also told the New York Post, “He said schools are a big risk. … I don’t think he has good data showing that.’’

It just goes to show how much Democrats are politicizing this pandemic and using ONLY the data they want to use rather than all the data that tells the whole story.

Source: New York Post, The Atlantic, & National Center for Education Statistics

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