REPORT: Trump Indictment Imminent

I have been reading a lot of pieces from insiders over the last few days to see what they think will happen.

The consensus is that when Merrick Garland approved that raid, he had already decided.

The fact the Espionage Act was used, points to one thing… a Trump indictment is in our future.

It’s Happening

The conclusion reached by many is the one that I reached as well.

The raid itself meant that Garland was going all-in on this.

Anything less, and he has egg on his face.

Trump even offered Garland an out, but I don’t expect him to take it.

He is going down this rabbit hole to make his mark in history, but I highly doubt he will like the stain it leaves.

Tucker Carlson also chimed in on this, saying the line from Republicans is that “there is nothing to see here,” but he also agreed that they will “indict Donald Trump.”

He added, “Obviously they’re going to do that.

“Who knows how, maybe they’ll produce surveillance video from Mar-a-Lago, apparently they’ve already subpoenaed that.”

Carlson also applauded Trump for offering to turn down the heat, stating, “You can feel it, even Donald Trump feels it.

“Maybe for the first time in his life, Donald Trump seems sincerely interested in lowering the temperature, not only for his own sake, but for the country’s.

“He’s right. It’s not good. This could get very bad, very fast.”

This is a powder keg with a long fuse and lit match only inches away.

Whether it gets lit rests in Merrick Garland’s next move.

Source: The Hill

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43 Responses

  1. Big mistake, Garland is out for vengeance for not getting the supreme court nomination. How sad these democrats are, somehow they forgot about the country and their voters and think only of how much power they can grab.

    1. Garland’s selection was political! Based on his actions overall against parents reflects that he is a very poor choice for DOJ!

      1. I would care less if I read in the paper Garland had a good heart attack or stroke. He might look better face up in a coffin on Halloween…

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        2. The Democrats have plenty to replace Garland if needed. Democrats are scared to death of President Trump. He disrupted their Marxist agenda and that is to completely overthrow the United States of America.

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    2. You are absolutely correct on all points! He has had a burr under his saddle, ever since he was rejected on the Supreme Court’s nomination! Vengance & hatred of this magnitude can only destroy! He is now proving the point of why he was rejected for the court! He was/is NOT qualified! Huge mistake for him to ever have been appointed as AG, as well! Untrustworthy! No integrity! Biased! However, violence is NOT ever an answer to a problem, no matter how serious!

      1. Have you spoken to any of the soldiers who fought the American Revolutionary War? Or any of the signers of the Declaration of Independence?
        If it were not for the violence of these brave Patriots, you would not be speaking here, but would be a British SUBJECT, not a FREE Citizen.

    3. All you really need to do is investigate the TOP MEMBERS of the DOJ, FBI, and CIA and look at their NET WORTH and yes you have to look at their OVERSEAS ACCOUNTS as well, and you will find out WHO the REAL CROOKS are and who is more DANGEROUS!

      1. yes. All top positions net worth need to be investigated and replaced accordingly. All Agencies must be broken up into smaller agencies with specific focused areas. Over the years, our system has allowed these agencies to grow, expend and grow and expend to the current monstrous sized agencies.

      2. You said it that is what it is all about MONEY president Trump cost those crocks a lot of money when he was in office they had to get him out because he did what the people voted him in to do he did not run to get in there and increase his wealth like a lot of them do both republicans and democrats they are taking this country to the cleaners vote for good people not a party good people that when elected will do the job they were put in there to do not vote on party lines term limits on all

  2. GARLAND STEPPED OUTTA BOUNDS BIG TIME ALL DUE SCARED RATS IN THE SWAMP let me tell ya if trump was doing criminal acts he’s to smart to let a bunch of IMBECILES AND IDIOTS CATCH ON BECAUSE their frightened and grasping at straws to swim. Bad deal he’s smarter than the whole party

  3. This is just crazy, do you wonder what they planted? Why did they not want, even his attorney in there, yep, so they could plant something. The FBI needs a good cleaning, from the top to the bottom. I am sure there are some good agents out there, but not in this group.

  4. We need Trump back !
    The Government is soooo crooked!
    The dems are much more than bad they are evil !
    Where the hell is John Durham ?
    Let’s turn this ship around !

  5. This entire raid has stooped to the level of a rat in the gutter. All of the FBI are trying to see that Trump is not going to be in the election. This is sad because he is the only one who has any degree of intelligence. This is just a ploy to keep him out of the 2024 election and everyone with a brain can see it. I pray God will flush the entire swamp out into the open and we can just vote for the Republican party straight down the list and get rid of the swamp and all those who are devils are destroyed.


      1. You got that right! Just take a look back at how good things were under Trump leadership and compare to what we have now with no leadership as Biden is not capable of being a leader but only a destroyer. I will take Trump’s America over what we have now any day.

    2. The Democrats fail to understand that, if they eliminate Trump, DeSantis will be the Republican candidate, and he is almost on a par with Trump in the polls.

  6. I think that whole crooked bunch is scared to death, because when President Trump is elected they know he will get them all for all the crimes they have committed. GO DONALD TRUMP AMERICA LOVES YOU. AND LIZ CHANEY IF YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN FOR PRESIDENT LOL YOU COULD’NT HOLD YOUR SEET IN CONGRESS. good by crooked fbi

  7. Garland and the Biden Administration better re-think their next move! If they continue in the direction that they are heading, they will do irreparable damage to this country! There are a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of patriotic Americans that still believe in democracy, and will not allow the current left wing administration and Garland to destroy the very fabric of this country! If they continue to persecute Trump and other “true” American Patriots, there will be a revolution unlike anything that this country has already experienced! The Democrats do not care about the citizens of this country; they only care about power and money! They were elected to represent the citizens of this country as elected officials! Instead, they’re only self-serving parasites; sucking the life blood out of this country! If you are one of them, shame on you!

  8. If these SOBs want to start a civil war ,keep poking the American Patriots! FJB& HUNTER TOO! ” LETS ROLL”

  9. If he were smart and he is not. I’m sure he will indict DJT. That most likely will be the down fall of the Dim Party. They will be rejected completely by the American people. They will show their true colors and if Americans are as smart as we hope they are all of the Dims will g t flushed out. That go s for the RINO. Just like always Lizbo.

  10. Garland is nothing but a lap dog for the democrat slime trying to keep Trump from running in 2024. Like his boss in the WH he is a mental midget taking direction from those that hate this country and want to make it part of their global economy. Like Soros, Gates and the rest of the haters they look at We the People as nothing more than fodder as defined in the UN’s Agenda 21!!

    1. I agree whole heartedly the democrats are done most all of them should go to jail, includiing the Rino Republicans!

  11. TYPICAL DEM PLAN – they Hate Trump and have done nothing else for seven years but try to take him down. Uh, Dems, a piece of news for you – we have A LOT of other people that can clean your clock in 2024 – YOU GOT LESS THAN NOTHING. You have been wasting your and the country’s time for so long that you can’t stop now, can you? It’s all you know how to do.

  12. We The People have seen enough democrat B.S. Anything you do to bring Trump down only makes him and us stronger!!!

  13. Democrats will stop at nothing to ruin the USA. Obama’s “Dreams of my Father” tells it all. His Father and step-father were “Full Communist”!!!

  14. We should defund the fbi if they’re going to be biden’s and attorney goof’s KGB. American taxpayers money funds them & if they’re going against the American People who see through this sham, then get ridof the fbi.
    These people are ignoring the Constitution & the laws.
    Prosecute them. They’re poking the sleeping dog, but when the dog wakes up …
    FJB & AG !!!

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