REPORT: Trump to Install ‘Hardline’ Policies Against China Over Last Weeks

There is a lot brewing today on the election front, with Trump officials hinting that the hammer is about to fall.

However, even if things do not work out for Trump on that front, he is reportedly putting measures in place to keep China under our thumb before leaving office.

This is a brilliant move by Trump, as it could force Joe Biden to show his soft China side to the American people as soon as he takes office.

Putting the Screws to China

There is significant worry on the right that if Biden does take office, he will go back to old ways regarding foreign policy, once again opening the door for China to take advantage of the United States.

Trump, however, is hoping by putting in “hardline” policies, he can “make it politically untenable for the Biden administration to change course” on the policies “as China acts aggressively from India to Hong Kong to Taiwan, and the pandemic triggers a second global wave of shutdowns.”

John Ullyot, the National Security Council spokesperson, stated, “Unless Beijing reverses course and becomes a responsible player on the global stage, future U.S. presidents will find it politically suicidal to reverse President Trump’s historic actions.”

Brilliant Move

This is one of the more brilliant political moves that Trump has made since he has been in office.

These policies will not only benefit the American people but as stated by Ullyot, it would be virtual political suicide to abandon these policies.

Imagine having to justify to the American people why you are being soft on China, especially after the COVID-19 debacle.

Cliff Sims, DNI senior adviser, said, “Director Ratcliffe will continue playing a leading role, in coordination with other national security principals, in delivering a necessary mindset shift from the Cold War and post-9/11 counterterrorism eras to a focus on great power competition with an adversarial China.”

For Joe Biden to unravel these proposed measures, he will have to paint a far friendlier version of China, and I just don’t see how he can do that without raising a lot of eyebrows.

Source: Axios & Daily Wire

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