REPORT: Walker Exaggerated Charitable Donations

Why do people do this when they are running for public office?

Herschel Walker had finally turned the corner in the Georgia Senate race and now it is all undone.

Why? Because he wanted to make it look like he was more charitable than he really was.

All It Takes

This is stupid, especially when you consider all the reports of corruption around Senator Warnock that enabled Walker to make up all that ground.

In this case, Walker had pledged 15 percent of Renaissance Man Food Services (RMSF) profits to different charitable organizations.

When those organizations were contacted, two had never received any donations and one refused to comment.

The fourth company did not even receive $2,000.

Walker’s campaign offered a very lame response, stating, “The Times’s reporting did not conclusively prove that Mr. Walker’s company failed to donate profits.”

You know how you put that report to bed? You provide documentation that you donated to those organizations.

Since that report went live, Walker has moved from a two-point lead to a four-point deficit in the latest Monmouth University poll.

Walker is also now trailing in the Date for Progress, YouGov/CBS., and Marist College polls.

In the most recent Quinnipiac poll, Walker is down by six percent.

We need this seat if we are going to flip the Senate because Arizona appears lost and PA, albeit now in reach, is still going in favor of John Fetterman.

Now this entire race hangs on the upcoming debate between Walker and Warnock, so we can only hope Walker dials down the exaggerations he is infamous for and tells the truth.

Source: The Hill

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