REPORT: 64,000 Gotaways Reported in October

The October reports are in from Border Patrol and the numbers are not good.

The cooler weather has resulted in an uptick in encounters.

It has also resulted in an uptick in gotaways.

Here We Go Again

By any account, these numbers are unsustainable.

Border agents encountered 205,000 migrants last month, a record-setting pace already.

Additionally, they estimated that 64,000 slipped through the cracks and evaded capture.

For FY2022, we averaged 50,000 per month, so you can see why I am concerned about that number.

As if we needed more bad news, the monthly encounters number was 24.4 percent higher than last year’s total in October (164,837).

With last year seeing a record 2.3 million encounters, it is scary to think what we will see this year.

The sad reality is that even if we end up taking both chambers of Congress, we will not be able to stop Biden from allowing Mayorkas to keep the borders open.

Over the next two years, expect to continue to see record-breaking immigration numbers.

This makes it even more imperative that we identify the perfect candidate for 2024, even if it is not Donald Trump.

Realize, there is no other option… we have to win.

Source: Fox News