REPORTS: Migrants Detained at Border Reaches 15-year High

Joe Biden is setting all kinds of records since having moved into the White House, and none of them are good.

The latest being a 15-year high in detained migrants crossing the border illegally.

At least two major publications have reported more than 170,000 crossings took place in March, the highest number since 2006.

Numbers Don’t Lie, But You Do, Joe

It is honestly pretty hard to find a time when Joe Biden has said something truthful to the American people since taking office.

The lie he is telling regarding illegal immigration, however, is one of the big ones.

As they say in Hollywood, Joe’s story is only loosely based on facts.

In this case, it is Joe Biden’s claim that the increases we are seeing right now “every single, solitary year.”

Biden is right in saying that the numbers always increase this time of year, however, it is the extent of the increase where Biden is being misleading.

For example, the two-month increase from January 2019 to March 2019 was about 45,000 migrants.

The increase from January 2021 to March 2021 was roughly 90,000 migrants.

The country has only seen numbers like this twice in the last two decades, yet Joe Biden continues to try to sell these numbers as a “normal” pattern of activity.

Even more alarming than the actual overall number, however, is the increase in unaccompanied minors that are crossing.

As of the latest reports, the government is currently holding roughly 15,000 migrant minors and the new projection for the year is that as many as 180,000 unaccompanied minors could cross the border by year’s end.

Democrats, by and large, are still refusing to call this a “crisis,” however, for fear of undermining Joe Biden’s narrative.

The only Democrats that have split with Biden on this are Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and congressional Democrats whose districts are right on the border and the most impacted by this surge.

Source: The Hill

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57 Responses

  1. Where are the processing facilities that should have been built under Trump for the last 4 years. Oh, that’s right, he built a useless wall.

    “If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it. Go over it. Go around it. But get to the other side of that wall.”

    – Donald J. Trump (Wagner College Commencement Address)
    Welcome to the Republican Hypocrites Club

        1. Finish the wall with Biden & Harris on the Mexican side of it! Make sure to drop them from the top of the wall!

      1. I would like to see every democrat transported to Saturn and be done with them. What ever they touch or do is evil from beginning to end. The democrats are possessed by Satan. I have never hated anything more than the democrats. I am not sorry about that because they deserve nothing good.

    1. Lol, go fu.k yourself. You have no idea at all of what your azz is saying. People like you should be kicked out of this country.

    2. Are you for real ?? Trump’s wall was not completed because Bidet wanted more killer criminals and disease carriers to bring the USA down for an invasion by his friends and pals in china to destroy the country . He is doing the work of the devil and making Gods words come true . A complete fool with his actions . THE USA is in the bible , find a King James Bible and learn the TRUTH for once .

    3. WI’ll someone with some backbone and a smidgen of Patriotism PLEASE START THE IMPEACHMENT PROCESS FOR BIDEN AND HARRIS?? Since no one has had the backbone to prosecute them r alt least investigate them for prior crimes the lease Congress can do is impeach them.

    4. Well if the traffic coming across the border was slowed during the Trump years, why would you need more processing stations? Also having people stay in Mexico until they were processed was another reason, so they could be processed through the existing facilities.
      And how is the administration handling the thousands of illegals coming here & NOT being tested for the Covid virus? We’re told by Dr. Fauci to wear masks, social distance etc. but the pictures & videos being shown on TV in many cases shows neither being adhered to.
      So as they say in the funny papers ” What’s your plan Stan ” or ” when will we know it Joe “? If Biden’s statement about the bulk of these illegals are being returned or turned away, why are they busing & transporting so many of them around the country & why are the detention centers so over crowded?
      At least two major publications have reported more than 170,000 crossings took place in March, the highest number since 2006.

    5. We didn’t need the extra processing facilities for those 4 years, in fact some were shut down, as illegal immigration was, for he most part, under control. And now, the “prison camps” have been reopened and the kids are crammed into those cages at over 1500% capacity. THANK YOU RESIDENT XIDEN!! Yes, we’re sooo much better off now with that superspreader coming across the border daily!
      If Dems actually give a damn about ‘the children’ other than just another tool to beat the other side over the head with, they would NOT be encouraging them to continue to come here to those conditions. But it’s not about the children, or minorities, or even women, which they’ve already thrown under the bus for another ‘victim’ group. All the left cares about is total fascist control over every aspect of everybody’s lives, turning us into another China.


    6. no you are the hypocrite – the wall has money left to finish building it but Biden will not release it – it is these communists (which you must be one) that are stopping the border wall. I guess though you probably are one of these communist democratic party members
      set out to destroy our country

    7. Maybe if anti American Biden didn’t open the border like a nitwit that he is we wouldn’t be facing this problem

    8. When I worked the border we didn’t even wear weapons…and then
      NAFTA sent 78,000 factories and five million jobs out of the country in the 90s and Obama and Biden opened the borders to whoever got here…..The only way to get rid of these misfits is to vote in this year’s primaries. Unions lost their dues and could no longer support democrats, they need new voters, unvetted, no medical or police documents provided…..if you voted for this administration you cannot complain about Trump….or anyone else, YOU are the problem

    9. Why do so many people with “Dr.” before their names spout off such Stupidity? If you Stop illegal crossing – facilities for illegal crossers are not needed. (Can’t believe I had to put that into words for him)

    10. We don’t need more processing centers! FINISH THE WALL, there is a LEGAL path to enter this country and should be a wall to keep ILLEGAL aliens OUT!! Our laws are getting trashed every which way to Sunday! This has to stop.

    1. I 100% agree with Tina Betti, D Richard Tonge is believing what he just said as he is working hard with his tiny PEA BRAIN.

  2. The Biden legacy s one that gets worse and worse daily. Who would ever want to be remembered for being corrupt, in China’s pocket, a failure at controlling immigration, a nonproductive member of Congress for almost half a century, a supporter of the KKK, and the list goes on. That is some legacy to leave in the history books. It might as well say, “a total failure as president.”

  3. In my lifetime I’ve seen 10+ presidents, but I’ve never seen such a incompetent president, along with his Democratic Party that’s in office now. I know Biden/Harris didn’t get the White House legally, Democrats’ have been cheating for years in elections. We the People need to stay strong and band together so we can Make America Great Again with Trump and his select GOP.

  4. I dont care who is in charge. I do not want the Mexicans here or their children. They send their kids 1st making a path for themselves to get here. If they cant take care of their own country we dont want them here to destry ours. Using up medical, foodstamps, housing, starting gangs and more crime. Plus a very high percentage of prisoners are Mexican living off our dime. We have homeless, abused children and veterans of our own THAT ARE NOT BEING TAKEN CARE OF.
    If you are taking an old military base and making it a camp for illegals, why hasnt that been done for our own homeless and veterans. This government is such BS and I absolutely despise each of you. Also tell me how the hell AOC even got her job. She married her brother and shevis dumb as a box of rocks. Racist, she is racist along with Waters.
    This needs to be stopped now. We can wait until 2024.

  5. Joe Biden has lied all his life; he’s gotten rich by the American tax payers whom he supposedly represents. His only quest is POWER…and if you don’t believe that, then you are a definite sheeple. We were holding the line regarding immigration under President Trump. To change course is fine PROVIDED you have an alternate route/plan in place. The biden administration knew exactly what they were doing when he signed all those ridiculous EOs at the beginning of his administration.
    Well, Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. So, Joe: Hell hath no fury compared to that of a woman scorned. And YOU have totally and without any regard scorned the Lady!

  6. All that have come to America need to be turned away and sent
    back.What the heck is wrong with this picture? They have come
    in illegaly and now no more show and tell, take them back to their
    countries! We will almost become a third world country!No parents,
    no clothes, no food, no schooling etc. They are better off going back!
    Like the saying goes no room at the inn. Biden is such a jerk in allowing

  7. I used to think Obama was the worst president, but Biden has him topped hands down,you would think that voters would have realized how bad Obama was and stay away from useless Biden but some people just never learn so now our whole country suffers

  8. Joe you need to send every one of those people back to Mexico and let them figure out what to do with them their not doing things the right way they need to come to Ellis island fill out forms to become an American citizens. Coming across and over walls and fences is not the way to do this. Stop this no before we become worse than China and have to start telling people how many babies they can have because we have no more room at the inn. I’m sorry their country doesn’t treat them right but take not up to us to fix it.

  9. Why is Biden surprised – he started this mess !!! He’s so much of a coward he sends others to take up his slack !!! The problem is that those he sends never shows up !!! America is on a downslide and I fear that recovery is not possible with this administration and their actions – this is not pointed to the American people who are citizens of this country !!!

  10. Many countries around this old world station ARMED military at their borders and WILL drop you permanently in your tracks if you attempt an ILEGAL entry to their country!! About time to ENFORCE our laws! mr. biden is NOT my president and he NEVER will be.

  11. Agree with all posts! But in order to impeach Biden, you have to get Piglosi removed from the speakership! Vacate the chair, take her out of congress, put in a conservative speaker who WILL bring articles of impeachment! Piglosi will NOT do it! She needs to be removed! Then we can impeach biden, Harris and the entire biden cabinet( they are ALL Obama cabinet members) and send Obama back to Kenya! Don’t forget to get Soros out of our country as well.

  12. The wall cannot be finished because the dummy that calls himself President stopped it. The wall has been paid for in full and the machines and materials are waiting to be put up. It’s him and his crooks won’t allow it.

  13. Americans, look what’s happening, open your eyes, and see what China is doing. They are using Iran,as a scapegoat. Look around you, Iran is in control of the Middle East…well trying to, China in control of the SOUTH CHINA SEA. With there self made Island… Mind you MILITARY BASE. That should tell you they are on the erged to try to take over the WORLD….. AND WE ARE ALL SLEEPING!!!!!!!! “THANK YOU F***k*** not my president BIDING AND VP laughing 😆 haina…..

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