Washington Representative Quits Race, Loses to Trump Candidate

Yet another pro-impeachment Republican has been ousted from office.

Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler (R-WA) has conceded her re-election bid.

Joe Kent, who is backed by Trump, will be headed to the general election to face off against his Democrat opponent.

See Ya!

Beutler represents WA-3, at least for another few months.

In conceding, she stated that she was “proud that I always told the truth, stuck to my principles, and did what I knew to be best for our country.

“Ever since I was first elected to this seat I have done my very best to serve my home region and our country.

“Though my campaign came up short this time, I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished together for the place where I was raised and still call home.”

Kent is a retired Army Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer.

This is an open primary, so the top two candidates in the primary move on to the general election.

Kent will be facing Democrat Marie Perez for the seat.

When Beutler conceded, she was down about 1,000 votes.

Kent has been very vocal about his support for Trump.

He recently stated, “He’s definitely the leader of the America First Movement.

“But the other reason why the Trump endorsement was so critical in our race is because of the jungle primary here in Washington State.

“In order to be effective against a 12-year incumbent, we had to really rally around one candidate.”

Source: Fox News

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13 Responses

  1. hope that traitor to the republicans gets what he deserves from the people who he turned his back on !

  2. Candidates supported by Donald Trump have pretty much swept the primaries. That is a very loud and clear message. We are tired of not only the scurvy democrats but also the RINOs and establishment types that have snuck into congress!!

  3. So Right !! As much as that Commy party needs to be ABOLISHED and GONE from OUR Country, we HAVE to Get Every Rino OUT. Elections have Consequences like we All see, so Elections HAVE to be Very Very VETTING all personal, financial, as best of their voting and life as Possible. Also who’s in favor of a legal thourgh look see in how much Money Candidates have when they get in office. Then another look see when gone and if like 500,000 entering and 17 million leaving ok How did you accumulate that money. That ought to help out getting rid of rinos in all parties.

    1. Not unless America gets rid of the Dominion & Smartmatic fraudulent “election” equipment ! Rigging software already imbedded in the equipment , just waiting for a middle of the night instruction input !

  4. All Dems are evil liars. The second amendment was created just for this time in our lives.

    The evils checking these posts are as well. I guarantee that they will, for the second time refuse to allow my post!


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