Republican Michigan Senate Candidate John James Concedes Race

One of the most closely watched races in the 2020 Senate elections has finally come to an end.

Republicans upstart and future star, John James, has finally conceded his race.

James, like Trump, was hoping to expose voter fraud to flip the race, but that fight has now come to an end.

He Will Be Back

James has now run twice to represent Michigan as a Republican in the Senate, and he has lost both times.

I highly doubt that will discourage him, though, because he clearly has a bright future ahead of him.

He was running a race in an almost impossible situation for a Republican, but he came very close to upsetting Democrat incumbents on both occasions.

In 2018, James lost to Senator Stabenow (D-MI) by less than 300,000 votes.

In 2020, James lost to Senator Peters (D-MI) by slightly more than 92,000 votes, so that gap is tightening.

I would expect him to run for office in 2024 and I would expect the results to be far different than they were in the last two elections.

People like James are the future of the Republican party and eventually, he will break through.

On conceding, James stated, “The results of the election were certified yesterday and I’m happy that the board of canvassers, led by Norm Shinkle, asked the legislature to take a top-down view of election law, but it’s too late for me.”

He also posted this to Twitter…

Keep your head up, Mr. James… you will be back!

Source: Fox News

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