Republican Senators Push to Postpone Vote on Mitch McConnell as Senate GOP Leader

A lot of Republican Senators are saying that the vote to decide on Mitch McConnell being Senate GOP leader should be postponed.

Including Marco Rubio.

The Senate GOP leadership vote next week should be postponed,” Rubio said. “First we need to make sure that those who want to lead us are genuinely committed to fighting for the priorities & values of the working Americans of every background who gave us big wins in states like Florida.”

Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, immediately supported Rubio’s statements. Hawley criticized leadership for wanting to hold a vote before Senate races were completed.

Midterm elections are still being counted, there’s at least one high-profile runoff still scheduled to take place, and old school Republicans want to just give the leadership to Mitch?

Hawley wants them to slow down.

“I don’t know why Senate GOP would hold a leadership vote for the next Congress before this election is finished. We have a runoff in Georgia Senate — are they saying that doesn’t matter? Don’t disenfranchise Herschel Walker.”

There’s a little bit of fire from Republicans these days, apparently upset that their predicted red wave on November 8 was more like a ripple than a wave.

If a humbling midterm cycle is what they needed to wake up, then so be it.

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