PA Republicans Draft Legislation to Ship Migrants to Delaware

A blue state is fighting back regarding the secret migrant flights that have been happening.

Reports broke this week that the Biden administration has been sending people to Pennsylvania in the middle of the night.

So, in response, GOP lawmakers in the state are drafting legislation to ship them over to Delaware, Biden’s home state.

You Take Them, Joe

I love this troll from Republicans.

If Joe is dumping migrants all over the country, why not drop some off at his beach house, right?

Don’t forget, PA is not alone, as similar legislation is being put in place in Florida.

State Senator Mario Scavello stated, “In the very near future, I intend to introduce legislation to address the influx of illegal immigrants being relocated into Pennsylvania.”

Scavello asked, “How many illegal immigrants has the president relocated to his own home state of Delaware?

“If it is good enough for Pennsylvania, then why not redirect the relocation to Delaware?”

One of Scavello’s major concerns is the spread of COVID, especially since the illegals are not being tested and/or treated before being shipped out.

Scavello stated, “If the federal government is not willing to provide extra dollars to communities that have experienced increased strain on their healthcare systems, increased number of students in school districts and education costs and other services within our communities, then they shouldn’t be forced to take on more illegal immigrants and the additional financial responsibility.”

Do you agree with Scavello? What do you think of his legislation?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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60 Responses

  1. Love it. How about other states doing the same. Or ship them to Martha’s Vinyard or DC. Anywhere but in Red states or blue states that have common sense.

  2. Absolutely agree!

    I don’t believe we should be letting illegals in. There are ways to come to America legally.

    1. let them put up pup tents (that they pay for themselves) on the WH lawn…then when the Easter Egg Roll comes about – they have to maneuver around the toilet spots…or let them make tents our of the Biden’s PERSONALLY paid for blankets/sheets …then let THEM worry about disease, break ins, diseases, loud “parties” and unruly kids.

  3. Send them ALL to BLUE STATES like IL, MI, CA, DE, US CAPITAL, OR, and lets see how fast BIDEN drops from 33% APPROVAL to 5%! I would expect maybe a couple of weeks will do it. Any BLUE STATE do the same, IF YOU ARE GETTING ILLEGALS send them to AOC, WATERS, PELOSI, SHIFF, SWALWELL, PRESSLEY, OMAR, BUSH etc, I AM SURE THEY WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY to put them up on their ESTATES!

    1. Here in Michigan. We don’t want anymore illegals in Michigan. We have enough Muslims here. Destroying beautiful cities. The governor is a dictator. Michigan is a hell hole.

  4. Shut your mouth and put them on the bus. Why try to get legislation through? You have all the bright ideas but not the guts to do it! You don’t need legislation, hire a one way bus to the city center and let them figure it out.

    1. Great Idea. Why wait just do it.Our country is a laughing matter with all country’. s Never in history have we had leadership so stupid. Clean house of democrats. They do not work for our country.

  5. I Absolutely agree..: it’s about time people are stepping up to stop the administration from all these sneaky secret things they’ve been doing all over the country!!!

  6. YES! I say send all the illegals to the homes of government officials who are all for open borders and having us tax payers support them. What those government officials are doing is illegal and unconstitutional, so since they like illegals so much much and they have become millionaires of us, they can pay for them out of their own pocketbooks.


  8. Every state should be sending the illegally shipped illegals to Delaware and Washington DC.. the clandestine flights of illegals is Illegal!!!! Enough is enough!!!

  9. you are correct Arthur. of you or I brought in and flew illegals around we’d probably be in jail or fined a horendous amount! Let all the Democrats pay for this & leave the rest of us alone!

  10. Great idea but will it actually happen hope it will come to be a reality The idiots in these out of reality places need to have a peace of what the average person is facing each day

  11. I think Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard need a little more economic diversity. Sick of the tricks these DemonRats pull and then claim that things like voter ID is racist!

  12. I agree 💯% 👍
    How shameful and despicable of our President to carry out placement of illegals in the wee hours of darkness ( evil lurking) versus daytime for all to see 🤔
    Let’s go PA 🇺🇲👏

  13. Send everyone of them to Delaware. From all over the country. If they are here illegally thanks to Biden policies, let Delaware deal with it or shut Biden down.

  14. Heck…Send Them All Back to Central America and Have Buses There to Take Them All Over The Place…
    P.S…Make Sure There Several POS CoVID’s on Each Plane !!!

  15. just push the dead hookers over a little bit , and have hunter drive some up to Delaware, maybe Trump’s niece Mary can house some in NY in that last photo of her she looked like she needed to get laid bad, probably get him to do it for minimum wage too

  16. I’ll guarantee you that if most of the other states would draft legislation to transfer these illegal immigrants to Delaware that the border would be closed so fast that it would make your heart skip and beat or two. Really, given that sleepy Joe and his administration has refused to do anything about the border, this should be a perfect senario to have the border closed. Just saying.

  17. Send them to the elites on Martha Vinyard. Obama and Biden. Then start sending them to New York and California, Delaware and sanctuary city. Then put the in the DC. In the capital grounds. Behind the new wall that Biden is building. If he can build a wall in DC then finish the one on the southern borders.

  18. Round them all up and send back to the countries they came from, then they can start to work on coming here LEGALLY.

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