NY Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul Tells Republicans to Leave State

Ah, the party of unity has done it again.

New York Governor Hochul gave a speech at an event literally telling Republicans they are not wanted in her state.

The comments immediately drew backlash on social media.

We Don’t Want You

Hochul, during her speech, stated, “We’re here to say that the era of Trump and Zeldin and Molinaro – just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong. Get out of town.

“You don’t represent our values.”

We all know liberals dominate the state, but there are still a considerable number of conservatives in the suburbs of New York.

Columnist David Marcus noted this, stating, “Hochul is flat out attacking not just GOP politicians, but GOP voters.

“This is just normal behavior for Democrats now.”

Podcast host Ryan James Girdusky added, “Ironically if all 3.27 million Trump voters in NY voted for @leezeldin in November, it would be enough votes to beat Kathy Hochul.”

The party of unity and inclusion… as long as you do what they say.

Source: Fox News

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8 Responses

  1. I hope Hochul is the next victim we read about. She deserves to a “trip thru the system” , for clarity and personal experience. Be nice if she gets burgled…or maybe she gets the snot scared out of her by one of the douche bags she released without bail… Politician’s need to be help accountable!

  2. I hope no Republicans visit New York since she does not want them there. Hurt their tourism. What a prejudice idiot.

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