Ben Sasse to Resign at End of Year

Well, my friends, it would appear as though we are finally rid of Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE).

There were a lot of high hopes for Sasse, but he ended up being a dud.

So, don’t expect too many tears over the fact he is resigning to take a position at the University of Florida.

End of Year

Sasse is the final name on the presidential search for the University of Florida.

This is a position he is well qualified for and that I think he will do quite well.

He taught at the University of Texas, and he was the president of Midland University before becoming a Senator.

Sasse broke the news on Twitter, stating, “UF is the most important institution in the nation’s most economically dynamic state.

“Washington partisanship isn’t going to solve these workforce challenges – new institutions and entrepreneurial communities are going to have to spearhead this work.

“If UF want to go big, I’m excited about the wide range of opportunities.”

Honestly, I wish the man nothing but success if it means he stays out of politics.

Source: Fox News