Fallen Marine’s Parents Demand Resignation of General Milley

Joe Biden has had a lot go wrong since taking office.

Even so, most of us would probably agree that the Afghanistan withdrawal is among the top items on that list.

With nobody being held accountable, the parents of a fallen Marine who lost his life during the fiasco are demanding accountability in the form of General Milley’s head on a platter.


Milley was just one cog in the machine that made these horrible decisions.

However, Milley was often the face of this withdrawal, openly supporting the decisions made by Biden.

He could have resigned in protest or gone to the media, but he did neither.

Then, to make matters worse, he made excuses after the fact.

Not only that, Milley and military leadership have failed to hold anyone accountable, and this would include the botched drone strike in the midst of the withdrawal that killed seven children, 10 civilians in all.

Marine Kareem Nikoui lost his life because of this administration’s lack of a plan, and now his parents want justice.

Steve Nikoui, Kareem’s father, stated, “I’d like to see General Milley resign.

“He should be held responsible for this. He’s the Joint Chiefs of Staff [chairman].

“They let the Taliban dictate the evacuation.

“I don’t feel any of them have been held accountable.

“And the president, he hasn’t taken any accountability on it either.”

His mother added, “I’m still waiting for them to be held accountable for it.

“For some reason, they want to put the blame on everyone but themselves, but it is actually their fault all of this happened.

“The 13 that are dead, that is their fault.”

Believe me, we all want to see accountability, but that is not likely to happen until Republicans can take back Congress.

This is one of the issues that should get bipartisan support if and when it is finally investigated.

Are you disappointed nobody has been held accountable?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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59 Responses

        They All Should Be TRIED For Being TRAITORS..

        1. “Good noW!”!,B”H. They were traitors before they got into office. They cheated their way in bringing the P44 jihadist Obama & many in his administration, the SWAMP and Iran supporters and supporters of terror, like John Kerry, who with Biden arranged to arm ISIS & Taliban, same as Obama, attacked an empty village, in Afghanistan. Killing the marines was a distraction to say they had to make a hurried exit to leave all the $83million or billions? worth of military and airforce equipment behind.

      2. Biden too should be tried for treason and hung. He has destroyed everything he touches because he was paid off by the CCP and is selling us down the river to the communists and globalists. Biden is in the WH by fraud and he and those who perpetrated this should be tried and hung for treason.

    1. It should be all the people in the Pentagon, DOD, Stated Department, etc, that had anything to do with the screw up in Afghanistan. Then the whole Biden administration needs to be tried for treason, crimes against humanity.

    2. This country has been taken over.
      Things they do unbelievable. last ans worst Biden sending money to Taliban and all equipment we left there plus some american’s 600 hundred if correct. Biden wants big bill approved . Please contact Man chin tell him no.
      so much money the dept will hurt our children. Munch money goes to Immigration.nothing good for country.

  1. I am very disappointed that nobody in this entire administration are being held accountable for the fiascos we have endured this past year. They always lay the blame on Trump for everything that they have done.

  2. President Biden and VP Harris should absolutely be IMPEACHED. Additionally, the following persons should be Court Marshalled (w/lost of ALL their benefits): General Milley and General Austin. The Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken should be forced out of office w/no benefits. These people are a total disgrace to our beloved United States of America.

    1. So very true. The senile puppet the political machine propped up in D.C. is not competent to be a Commander-in-Chief. The military are well aware of this but like the seats they are warming in the Pentagon. Did we learn nothing from Bengazi? As the lies continue to filter out regarding the impeachment of our former President, Schiff, Comey, Shumer and Pelosi should all be in court to be prosecuted for their attempt to over throw the government.

  3. They’re 💯%RIGHT and I hope and Pray that they all will be held accountable! We know nothing is going to happen until there is a change in the administration! But when that happens I hope the New Administration doesn’t DROP THE BALL!

  4. Oh how we wish he would resign but he won’t. He has no sense of honor or guilt. The 13 killed mean nothing to him-they are just numbers. If his kid was killed I suspect he would feel differently but that’s just a hunch. This guy is out of touch w/the military and is only looking after his own behind and no one else’s. Don’t expect any sympathy from the dems and those on the left. They don’t care about the fallen. They disrespect the men and women who are fighting and dying for our freedoms.

  5. Yes somebody should be held accountable for those 13 young military men and women. Why are you, General Milley a general. You are the top dog whose is responsible for those young men and women. They signed up to protect you and all Americans.

    Also, the drone strike that took seven innocent lives also needs accountability!! How dare you….RESIGN!!!

  6. Long overdue, but not likely to happen. The dems and leftist have control and unless it inures to their advantage, Milley stays in. He is a scab on American military.

  7. Now that he’s done all the damage he can, Gen. Milly is going to resign and collect his pension. What should be done is he should be kicked out of the Army with a less than honorable discharge after serving time at Leavenworth.

  8. Heads should roll! The total administration is a bunch of stupid, uneducated, and unprepard mediocrity all from the top down!

  9. That would be good news. I can’t believe how many failures this administration has had. They are making us look like a bunch of idiots. I certainly hope some thing is done soon to stop them otherwise we can say goodbye to our freedom and our country.

  10. Very simple they are 100%correct ; I may add if we don’t want to also be responsible
    We must demand some one be held responsible or we’re all at fault
    We can’t hide do nothing and live with it 👎

  11. I totally agree Impeach all of them! Not only did Biden and all the rest of them kill those soldiers, but they also made our country unsafe by giving them our military secret weapons, our military base and open the door to all threats. They left people behind. Have you ever heard of this? I haven’t. Biden, Harris, Miley, All the greedy blind Dems and the rest of the criminals should be locked up and held responsible for their actions that are killing us.

  12. It’s like that Marine Ly. Vol said put your metals on the table and tell the truth what’s he gonna do appoint someone else to screw it up that would have been the time General Milley and even Loyd to show their backbone

  13. The democrats will always screw up, it is in their blood. Let us remember Benghazi. they are just like donkeys that represent these idiots.

  14. Milley should be making big rock into little ones at the very least! He is a TRAITOR to America and a total disgrace to the uniform! He actually should be in front of a firing squad. He broke his oath! How on earth do these DEMON-RATS get away with this crap. I hope in 2022 someone with balls charges him with spying and treason. Like a bunch of his coworkers!

  15. They are all traitors and should be put on trial starting at the top. I agree with all the above. Come on Democrats show some guts you know the truth, there has to be some good Dems left or is there?

  16. They should hung in the town square in Washington DC and chuck shumer and Nancy pelosy nadler should be with them.

  17. He should stand before a courts marshal and be charged for any and all of his wrong doings,striped of rank…then FIRED.He is a crew member on a ship of fools.
    De Oppresso Liber

  18. I wonder if these guys ever read these comments? If so, how can they look at themselves in a mirror? But then, they are so brazenly false, they wouldn’t believe or care. How sad for our beautiful country. We are being eaten by wolves and no one stops them. May God help us.

  19. From the article it doesn’t sound like he resigned. Am I disappointed? I am disappointed with THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the American people. 2020 election was a coup d’etat. “The PEOPLE” accepted the outcome. :(( The people in charge right now don’t love this country. Maybe some of them are blackmailed. Others maybe are bribed. Either way they are not patriots that love their country.
    Trump is a patriot and he clearly love this country.

  20. First the parents should sue him for everything he is worth and then some along with Austin and the other generals. I wonder if there is anyone in DC that is mentally competent or honest

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  22. Miley should be court-martialed for committing treason against President Trump. Then he should be charged with murder. Most of the democratic party should be charged with murder. They have killed so many people by withholding treatments that cure coronavirus. We have the most abusive and criminal administration I have ever seen. Its a shame they got away with stealing the 2020 election. It won’t happen again.


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