Charlie Crist Resigns Congressional Seat

You get one seat, and you give it right back.

That is the dilemma of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) right now.

Pelosi just found out she picked up a seat in the Alaska special election when Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) resigned his seat.

Dedicated to Campaigning

Crist came out of the Democrat gubernatorial primary with the nod to run against DeSantis.

Now he wants to campaign full-time, so he is giving up his congressional seat.

Honestly, this is a good move on his part because he is getting crushed by DeSantis in recent polling.

Even the generous polls have Crist down by at least four points.

Many thought Crist would tighten this lead up once the primary was over, but the more reliable polls have shown DeSantis increasing his lead against Crist.

While I want to see DeSantis clean his clock, I appreciate that Crist resigned his seat.

I have always stated that you should not be able to run for one office while holding the seat for another.

Even with campaigning full-time Crist has a big task ahead of him, and it is one that I do not see playing out well for him.

Crist has put himself on Joe Biden’s hip, which is the last thing Floridians wanted to see.

Unless DeSantis makes a major misstep, I don’t see any way that Crist can win this.

With Trump’s legal problems, Florida may only have DeSantis for two more years.

If Trump has to bow out, DeSantis will be the overwhelming favorite to get the 2024 nod.

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

  1. I was amazed that Crist won that seat. He can’ get over running fro any Florida seat available. I have a seat in my can and am willing to run him across the border into Georgia, if they want him.

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    2. Maybe ol’ Charlie Crist will get drunk, run off the road and hit a phone pole, and we see his picture in the paper…Should have happened with Pelosi…lol

  2. So, does Crist really think he has a snowball’s chance in hell of beating DeSantis????? He and his Party are delusional.

  3. Don’t understand these demorats, they keep voting these people in. They must like pain and misery. Trump2024.or DeSantis is all the way.

  4. Charlie Christ can’t be trusted. He has proven repeatedly that he will do anything to get elected. He bounces from Republican to Democrat to Independent to Republican. He is loyal only to himself.

  5. Keep in mind that he said he didn’t want “certain people” to vote for him so do as he asks and don’t vote for him. Do as I say not as I do. Okay, we won’t vote for you…

  6. Folk’s can you believe that Ole’ fart Charlie Crist just ran in front of an 18-wheeler truck to resign from Congress? This is the way for born losers to pocket all the campaign funds and not give a crap about running. They pocket the bucks donated by the poor dummies and since they do not care about the condition they left their office and the country, WHY NOT, WHO CARES??

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