WaPo Resorts to Fearmongering to Back Biden’s Agenda

The media was finally starting to get its act together, then this happens.

The Washington Post is now resorting to fearmongering to gain support for Biden’s student loan giveaway.

With the GOP considering legal challenges to Biden’s Executive Order, WaPo is warning of “stark financial consequences” if the giveaway gets pulled back.

When in Doubt, FEAR

It was assumed the GOP would file suit to try blocking this order.

It was in question right from the outset if Biden had the power to issue such an order.

In fact, go back to last year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) openly stated that something like this would have to go through Congress.

It will not help Biden’s case that he relied on emergency powers to issue the order, citing the pandemic AFTER the CDC removed all pandemic restrictions.

WaPo, in turn, stated that “a legal battle could carry stark financial consequences for millions of student borrowers, who rejoiced last week after Democrats delivered on a long-standing promise to erase some of their debt.”

What is this really about?

This freebie is expected to energize a younger voting base that has been upset that Biden did not deliver on this promise right after taking office.

WaPo is not worried about their financial situation.

What they are worried about is the discontent and possible disenfranchising of these voters if they lose that giveaway.

This is about protecting Democrats in the 2022 election cycle and nothing more.

State media… that is what WaPo is proving to be.

Source: Fox News

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15 Responses

  1. You know, Joe, if you paid off my house for me and gave me a million dollars, I still wouldn’t vote for a Democrat – EVER! EVER!!!!!

  2. Don’t know where they get their information. I can tell you I work in a college town and that was not the response I was seeing. Most of the kids were pissed off because they want it all to be gone. 10 to 20 K is just Chump change to most of these people. The real truth is many did not even use it for school. They partied food drinking cars etc. So the real joke is on the American taxpayer. Now you are being stuck with the nations rug spoiled actions and paying for all of them at the same time. Not to mention you can NOT WRITE IT OFF YOUR TAXES.

    1. Tom, this sort of thing is NOT new for liberals AND the WaPo hasn’t just gone liberal – I’m 76 yo, grew up and lived in the DC are for decades – the WA PO has ALWAYS BEEN the paper that quite literally throws it self over any and all liberal acts, speaches, – ANYTHING they can cover up for the liberals, they DO and have done so since it started!!!

  3. Doesn’t matter what they say, people know that doesn’t make common sense. Will increase inflation and has already lost biden 7 points in the polls. So now he is really mad at half the country – you can tell by his crazy speech Thursday night with his evil red lighting. He has lost his mind attacking MAGA voters. Notice he said nothing about his horrible policies destroying our country.

    1. Joe’s big problem is that he has been shoveling the B.S. for so long he can no longer smell what he shovels . That and he has his head so far up his butt if he sat down ard ge”d break his own neck . But then look at the party he represents , Democrat . And in looking at that party , look at what the last three letters in the name spell , “RAT” ! Yes Joe Biden is and always has be one of them . Now he is allegedly the head RAT . He talks about the number one threat to our Republic , well Joe YOU and your party of leftist DEMOCRATS and the greatest threat to this nation . You call us extremists and MAGA Radicals well since you want to result to name calling , you and your pack of sycophants are a pack of COMMUNIST ANARCHISTS !

    2. Monica, there are LOTS of people who “know” but just believe whatever a liberal does is OK. If it is a liberal concept they don’t CARE if it increases inflation because they know how to get around to what everyone else is stuck with.

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