RINO Romney Takes Nasty Cheap Shot at President Trump

Most Republicans expect the Democrats to politicize the current crisis to attack President Trump.

When those attacks come from within the party, though, as was the case recently with Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), it just goes to show that our work on draining the swamp is far from done.

Just a Deeper Hole

From Senator Romney’s most recent comments, it would appear as though he has come to accept the fact he will be a one-term Senator.

Romney got himself into considerable trouble during the impeachment by making history as a Republican Senator voting against his own president on the charge of abuse of power.

Romney was the sole Republican to do so but even though it was history in the making, many conservatives saw this coming due to the fact Romney and Trump have become arch-enemies ever since Trump announced his presidency.

The hole Romney was in got considerably deeper after Trump announced that he was going to put a hold on funding for the World Health Organization.

Even though the health agency has seemingly been complicit in helping China’s coverup of both the origins and severity of COVID-19, Romney is among those that believe we should continue to feed the organization U.S. taxpayer money.

He also took a nasty shot at Trump in the process.

Romney stated, “The key in leadership is recognizing when you’re not the smartest guy in the room.

“You want to bring them in and divide responsibility and have them manage… with that we’re not where we ought to be.”

Romney would also go on to use Democrat talking points to continue to attack Trump while not having the guts to actually use the President’s name.

Romney stated, “We did not have the testing as fast as we could have or should have. We did not have the personal protective equipment we would have hoped to have.

“I think part of that is just the recognition that in many cases American companies – multinational companies – are producing these products elsewhere, typically in China.”

Had Romney actually checked his facts, he would have realized the problem with testing was a mistake by the CDC that arguably would have happened regardless of who was in the White House at the time.

In terms of equipment, our health experts were saying nothing needed to change as of February 25, so at that point, there was still no need, according to the people everyone says we should be listening to now, to ring the panic bell or consider ourselves in danger.

Romney is a typical establishment politician that accomplished nothing in decades of holding various offices in government that loves to blame all today’s problems on Trump rather than acknowledging his own failures.

I hope he enjoys the rest of his term because there is no way the people of Utah should ever consider giving him a second term.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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