Ron DeSantis: ‘Nobody Wants Harris’

Governor Ron DeSantis, it turns out, has quite the sense of humor.

He is also relatively thick-skinned, as we found out after Trump lodged an unwarranted attack on him this weekend.

DeSantis did a little attacking of his own, but he chose a Democrat instead of a member of his own party.

I believe Kamala Harris is still reeling from the shot.

Nobody Wants Her

DeSantis was out stumping in Sarasota County when he dropped a bombshell on Harris.

According to DeSantis, Harris is actually insurance for Congress not removing Biden from office.

He stated, “She’s the best insurance for him for the 25th Amendment or impeachment you could ever really have.

“No matter how bad Biden does, nobody wants Harris. … He did it to protect himself.”

I love it because I have been making that very point myself for months.

It is hard to imagine Harris sitting in the Oval Office calling the shots.

It is sad to think our future rests on the ability of Joe Biden to stay just healthy enough to remain in office.

Source: Washington Examiner