Ron Klain Calls Trump Economy ‘Hellish conditions’

I have one word to describe Ron Klain’s most recent comments about the economy.

That word would be WRONG.

Klain lives in some sick fantasy world where Joe Biden is the savior, but there is no way we can let this one go.

Just Wrong

Klain, on the economy that Biden “inherited,” stated, “It’s easy to forget that when Joe Biden came to office, we’d turn on the tv at night, people were in line in football stadiums, looking for a box of food.

“The unemployment rate was nearly 10 percent.

“We had 20 million people out of work and businesses closed and schools closed.”

So, when Biden took office, unemployment was at 6.4 percent, so he could not be more wrong.

Second, Trump turned over an economy that was well on its way to recovering from the pandemic.

All Joe needed to do was stay out the way and let it keep rolling, but he could not do that.

We should also note that by the time Biden took office, most red states had already reopened.

It was blue states that were holding back the process.

I am far from the only one that realized this…

Even now, the states that are way ahead of the curve are states like Texas and Florida.

Compare those states to blue states such as New York and Michigan, it is not even close.

Source: Fox News