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Rose McGowan Wants Bill Clinton Arrested Now that Maxwell is in Custody

Now that Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam and confidant is in custody, a surprise voice came out in support of arresting Bill Clinton.

Rose McGowan, an adamant #MeToo supporter, believes that both Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton are next.

McGowan is an alleged victim of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, and she has detailed her alleged 1997 rape at the Sundance Festival numerous times.

Time to Get Bill

The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell sent a shiver down the back of the entire Democrat party this week.

As Epstein’s confidant and alleged madam, most believe she has dirt on dozens of powerful men and women in this country.

At the top of that list would be Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, a point she made quite clear with a simple tweet…

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Will she spill the beans?

There is little doubt about two things… Maxwell has the goods on a lot of people and there is no way she will be able to take prison.

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Considering what happened to Jeffrey Epstein, there is already widespread speculation that Maxwell will wind up sleeping with the fishes sooner rather than later.

This is a scandal the Democrat party can ill-afford right now, especially because Hillary is starting to show her face again in support of Joe Biden.

As a former member of that administration, it will be hard to put a positive spin on things if Maxwell comes out and confirms that Bill was doing more than just flying from point A to point B on Epstein’s plane.

Right now, it is all speculation surrounding Bill Clinton and his actions on Epstein’s private island.

While he has been seen there in the past, nobody has come forward to say that Bill ever did anything wrong there, yet.

That could all change as the DOJ puts additional pressure on Maxwell to get her to tell everything she knows.

Source: Fox News

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