Justice Sotomayor Rules Against LGBTQ+ College Group

This is honestly a ruling that I never thought I would see from Justice Sotomayor.

On Friday, the Supreme Court blocked a state-level ruling that would have required a Jewish University to recognize an LGBTQ+ student group.

The ruling was issued by Justice Sonia Sotomayor.


Even though it is only temporary, the order caught most by surprise.

Rarely, if ever, have we seen Sotomayor rule against any liberal cause.

The case in hand is whether or not Yeshiva University’s charter gives it the right to block an LGBTQ+ student group, YU Pride Alliance, from being officially recognized by the school.

In June, New York County Supreme Court Judge Lynn Kotler had ruled in favor of the student group.

Judge Kotler maintained that since Yeshiva University has a charter that is not religiously based, it must follow state Human Rights Law.

The school, however, was using a religious exemption to block the group from being officially recognized.

Kotler’s ruling stated that YU must “immediately grant plaintiff YU Pride Alliance the full equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges afforded to all other student groups at Yeshiva University.”

The ruling further stated that YU and its president, Ari Berman, to be “permanently restrained from continuing their refusal to officially recognize the YU Pride Alliance as a student organization because of the members’ sexual orientation or gender and/or YU Pride Alliance’s status, mission, and/or activities on behalf of LGBTQ students.”

Sotomayor’s order temporarily blocks that order from going into effect while the case is reviewed.

Progressives are up in arms over the ruling, especially considering that it came from Sotomayor.

Again, this is only a temporary order, but it is still somewhat shocking that a liberal justice did not immediately defer to the lower court ruling that benefited the LGQTQ+ group.

Source: Fox News

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16 Responses

  1. why would they want to be recognized?..that’s the trouble with them. they can’t go to school/work, come home have dinner and keep their bedroom private? That’s what the majority of people do..nobody cares about queers, i have 2 sisters and one brother that are, but they don’t try to shove it in everyones faces.

  2. As a licensed attorney for 57 years and having been a member of the SCOTUS Bar since 1972, and having litigated before SCOTUS, and in 7 federal circuit courts and 39 federal district courts across America; I offer the ‘notion’ that Justice Sotomayer is 1,000% correct with her ‘initial’ opinion. It exhibits her RESPECT for the remaining members of the Supreme Court, her RESPECT for the Constitution and her RESPECT for an orderly procedure. The time has come for the ‘idiots’ who believe (or hopefully believe) that every decision by SCOTUS is ‘politically-motivated to ‘sit down and shut up’. Those who, unknowledgeable ‘pop-off’ are WRONG and only serve to make fools of themselves.

    As my father advised me one, “If you don’t know what you’re talking about — keep your big mouth shut, so everyone will not immediately know that you’re a dunce.”

    1. Your Dad sounds like a wise man.
      That said, JusticeSotomayor has performed more as a bench activist in the past, so this is a surprise to me indeed, a pleasant 1, to be sure. The Yeshiva, must follow Yhwh God’s law, ahead of man’s law, & therefore cannot allow such a group. Neither could it allow an MSA group, nor, in their understanding, even a “Jews for Jesus” group, or a communist group: no other religion. To be sure, the alphabet mafia is indeed another religion; the deity is the self, & in its view ALL must bow to its demands. YU cannot. Justice Sotomayor’s ruling is correct, regardless “hurt feelings”.

  3. You know GOD didn’t put a Virginia on a guy butt or on his mouth so tell me how in the hell is a girl in a man’s body or a man in a woman’s body. They are just a bunch of dumb idiots.

  4. Thank you Judge Sotomayor–thank you for respecting the Court, Constitution and religious belief system. we must get back to an area of respect for each other without having to have obscenity forced upon us.

  5. Do not allow the ABC people to trample the good.
    They’re seeking the death warrant for the university’s people.
    American government will pay for their provoking God with the LGBT.

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