Rush Limbaugh Says Mask Mandate by Biden is a ‘Ploy’

Earlier this week, Joe Biden called for a national mandate on wearing a mask…

Rush Limbaugh, however, says this request is more about Joe staying hidden than it is in Joe being worried about Americans and the spread of COVID-19.

Limbaugh stated, “Biden has suggested something, folks, yesterday, wearing masks everywhere for three months. Now, by doing this, by insisting that it is imperative to wear masks everywhere, everybody for three months, this is Plugs doubling down on the basement strategy.

“This is how Plugs intends to keep himself unavailable. There’s two things. And I want you to keep a sharp eye on this. In the Real Clear Politics Poll of Polls, the average of the polls or any of the individual polls — Reuters, Quinnipiac — the objective is going to be to make sure Trump’s approval number never goes above 45.

“If the number stays at 45 or lower, then Biden doesn’t have to come out. It means that they will look at it as Biden not being threatened.

“If Trump’s approval number were to shoot up above 45, then that might draw Biden out, which they can’t afford.

“They do not want to have to get Biden out of the basement. So, don’t look for these polls to show Trump’s approval number ever to go above 45. I’ll be shocked if it happens.

“Same thing with this mask business. This is Plugs’ attempt to remain unavailable.

“It’s just too dangerous, folks. It’s too dangerous for everybody to go out there. Everybody must wear the mask for three months because they can’t afford for Joe Biden to leave the basement.”

Rush also said some rather interesting things about how the virus has been spreading in Hawaii, a state that has been on lockdown since March.

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