Sarah Sanders Quick to Defend Trump Over Story in ‘The Atlantic’

In terms of hit pieces, the story in “The Atlantic” is about as bad as it gets for Trump.

This president had built a legacy around protecting our military, so a story that says he called dead soldiers “losers” and “suckers” is pretty bad.

Trump has already denied the story, as have numerous officials that were in the room at the time, including former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Defending Trump

When the story first broke, my ears were already up and I simply could not believe Trump would say something like that about our troops.

The fact “The Atlantic” does not have a single source willing to go on the record and reveal their name leads me to believe this is just another hit job against Trump.

That suspicion was given even more credence when, of all people, former National Security Adviser John Bolton came forward to say he never heard Trump make those comments.

Now, other officials that were in the room are saying this story is completely fabricated.

At the top of that list is former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders…

Trump Campaign National Press Secretary J. Hogan Gidley also pushed back on the report…

Until these unnamed officials come forward to reveal who they were, which would further help everyone dial in exactly when the alleged comments were made, this truly seems as though it is just another hit job that was ready to go to undermine Trump and kill any momentum he had built up.

You can read the original report on The Atlantic.

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