Senator Manchin Walks Off Senate Floor During Schumer Speech

Earlier today, we reported that Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), after begging Republicans for cooperation, lambasted them on the Senate floor after they caved.

Instead of sending out an olive branch of any kind, he decided to rip into them.

He faced harsh criticism, including from members of his own party.

The most telling of all, however, is Senator Manchin (D-W.V.) simply walking out of chambers in protest.

I Can’t Take It

Manchin knows Dems are up against it right now, which is why he was hoping Schumer would show some grace.

That was far too much to ask, though.

As Schumer went into his tirade, watch Manchin in the background, head in hands, until he finally had enough…

Manchin spoke with reporters after leaving chambers…

I would like to be able to say that will be the last time Republicans cave so we no longer have to listen to this drivel from Schumer, but we all know that will not be the case.

McConnell has proven himself to be an “all talk, no action” leader, and it is time for change.

Sources: New York Post & Business Insider

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19 Responses

  1. Republicans are far to back bone..either they are being rewarded to stand down (bought off) or threatened, and are to afraid to stand for the people who put them in office. By the way WE WOULD NOT BE HERE TODAY IF FREEDOM WASN’T WORTH DYING FOR!!!!!

    1. JoAnn, I couldn’t agree with you more. I also believe that both sides of the aisle have been infiltrated with communists, and we are seeing a direct result of that now. There are so few true Patriot politicians now, which is making it impossible to fight this evil…..

      1. Amen, Eileen, these “leaders” don’t care about the citizens, all they care about is power. I wouldn’t want power if it means ruling over a 3rd world country and that is where we are heading with these liberal lunatics.

  2. You know, I thought McConnell would be an okay guy, but he is not wanting to fight for what is right, he wants those in power to “like” him, so he goes their way. He is looking for advancement no matter who he hurts in the USA, just so certain people like him.
    He needs to retire or get voted out of office.

  3. Fauci is a wee little guy who has found a way to, he thinks, make himself larger than life. Ever wonder if he brought some of that virus to this country? Somebody did, it did not fly on its own. But Fauci forgets he is in the age group that they want to get rid of plus he is small and of no use physically, so he has to keep his thumb on all the people. Now they have a vaccine, A NEW ONE, they are looking for people to be a guinea pig, you don’t know if you get the killer or the water, if you die, voila! you got the live vaccine and the family will maybe get enough money to bury you, if you live, you probably got the real water. some may be healthy enough to fight off the virus. It is EXPERIMENTAL.

  4. The only way to rid ourselves of career politicians is to demand mandatory Term limits for everyone in office! Two terms then out with no holding any office or position in any compacity of government! The highest office in government is the President and he has mandatory two term limits! Shouldn’t everyone else in office have the same terms?


    2. We have term limits already. It’s called the vote. The problem is there are not enough intelligent people voting!

      1. Actually, I think the real problem is the cheating DEMONrats, Elmer. They know they cannot win, so they don’t fight fair. We know that most politicians lie, cheat and steal in order to make themselves wealthy, but the DEMONrats go beyond that…..

  5. Schumer’s speech had nothing to do with working with another party to come up with solutions. He is clearly attacking a party that has just given him what he wanted. I can see the hostility that he is pushing between the parties. He surely isn’t pushing unity. We don’t need unreasonable people like this in office. He’s a hate monger.

    1. Denise, not only is Schmuck Scheister an evil psychopath, he is also an evil Marxist, and a very dangerous swamp creature.

  6. JoAnn, I couldn’t agree with you more. I also believe that both sides of the aisle have been infiltrated with communists, and we are seeing a direct result of that now. There are so few true Patriot politicians now, which is making it impossible to fight this evil…..

  7. Schumer’s comments about republicans just need to ” get out if our way so we can get things done ” is nothing but comments coming from a true communist… thanks to the people from new york, California, and the rest of these democrat run states, our country will be communist within the next 3 years unless people are hit up side the head and finally can see what the communist bastards are doing to this country
    .. c

    come tell me that personally shumck and see where it goes nothing but a spineless post shumer… have to stand behind all your paid hired guns to say the things you do… your Pathetic as a human

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