SCOTUS Hands Trump Victory on Census Plan

Leftists have been trying to extend the census count into 2021, but that will not be happening.

The Supreme Court has just handed down a ruling that will now close out the census in time for a December 31 report for the Trump administration.

This is a huge win for Trump in terms of being able to exclude illegal immigrants in the country to realign political districts, a move Democrats were hoping to make by delaying the report.

The Ruling

The SCOTUS ruling was unsigned with only one public dissent, which came from Justice Sotomayor.

She stated, “Meeting the deadline at the expense of the accuracy of the census is not a cost worth paying.”

The Trump administration, however, had already put that argument to bed.

In early October, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had stated, “It isn’t a rush to finish.

“There is a statutory deadline of December 31, which Congress enacted quite a few years ago, in which, as far as I know, just about every census has completed in time for.

“The reason for that deadline is the apportionment material, which the President gives to the state, is then used to allocate congressional seats in state legislatures.

“And for the next ten years as well, it allocates federal funds.”

Major Win for Trump

The implication of this win is fairly significant for conservatives in this country right now, especially if Joe Biden wins this election.

Had the census count been delayed, there is no doubt Democrats would have used illegals to flip districts in states to ensure they win just about every election held throughout the next decade.

At least now, if Trump does lose, Democrats will not be able to put this plan into play.

You can read more about this report on Breitbart.

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If Sleepy Joe Biden is actually elected President, the 4 Justices (plus1) that helped make such a ridiculous win possible would be relegated to sitting on not only a heavily PACKED COURT, but probably a REVOLVING COURT as well. At least the many new Justices will be Radical Left!

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