Bipartisan Senate Ethics Investigation Probing Supreme Court

A very interesting story popped up on Fox News late Tuesday that turned a lot of heads.

Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and John Kennedy (R-LA) are seeking a decade’s worth of travel documentation from Supreme Court members.

The reports are to include all trips outside of D.C. since 2011, cost for security, and the name of all justices associated with the trip.

Keeping the Court Honest

The probe is to find out if we need more transparency requirements for the Supreme Court.

Both senators sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee and are trying to ensure all government officials, including judges, adhere to the 1978 Ethics in Government Act and the 1989 Ethics Reform Act.

Currently, the judicial branch, especially Supreme Court justices, face little scrutiny when it comes to financial disclosures.

In a joint statement, the senators stated, “The Judicial Branch’s comparable guidelines are significantly less stringent.

“Even those requirements, however, do not formally apply to the justices of the Supreme Court.

“As a result, the justices of our highest court are subject to the lowest standards of transparency of any senior officials across the federal government.”

While this is the first time I can recollect the Judiciary committee seeking this information, it is far from the first time this subject has been broached.

For instance, the late Justice Scalia came under fire for more than 250 “subsidized” trips he had taken over a decade only two years before he passed away.

When Scalia died, he was actually enjoying a free stay at a Texas ranch that drew some scrutiny after the fact because the ranch’s owner had recently had a case tried before the Supreme Court.

Personally, I believe all “subsidized” trips for all government officials at every level should be made illegal, as this is clearly a way to win favor or give the appearance of favors being granted.

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

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    1. I’m also wondering why they refused to hear these cases. I was so disappointed in the Supreme Court refusing to hear them. They did not even look at all the evidence.

      1. Some of them may have been bought off clandestinely with SOROS or DNC money {through third parties -not traceable} like Bill Barr when it was revealed that he had accepted $1 million from the Dominion Voting Machine company. He turned down a request for a hearing at DOJ and then resigned shortly afterward.
        The graft, deceit , and corruption, runs throughout every office, bureau, agency, and governmental commission in that city .Every body covers it up for each other for their own protection !!!! It is way out of control .

    2. It might just come down to BLACKMAIL—PIZZA GATE—& Who hit Whom? Unless the local Judges 1st look at THE EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud—the supremes do not seem to have a claim–or they might just know what really happened to justice Scalia and are scared ??

    3. Corrupt Roberts – he hates Trump!!!! He intimidated all the other judges!!! Heard Roberts isn’t real squeaky clean!!!!!

      1. BDS: Robert’s name appeared on the lolita flight log more than once, at least the name of Roberts was there, that might be the noose around his neck.

  2. Unfortunately,our public servants are now public puppets, much to worried about their public personna than doing their public duty including the supreme court justices whom responded when asked why they did not hear the case of election fraud responded that essentially it was to controversial case to take. In other words ; they were afraid of the left! Only one justice had the courage and integrity in wanting to take this case; Justice Clarence Thomas

  3. The Citizens United decision, (which incidentally Justice Roberts calls the worst decision he has ever made), which gives corporations the unlimited ability to buy elections with campaign contributions and takes election power away from we the people turned me against SCOTUS.

  4. No gov’t official should be above the law. That should be very apparent to a Supreme Court Justice. If they are accepting gifts and bribes and favors they should be treated with equal justice under the law same as any government employee regardless of position or rank. Isn’t that what our Constitution requires? Liberty and justice for ALL?

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