Sec. of State Blinken Admits China at Fault for COVID Getting ‘Out of hand faster’

Virtually since COVID started in our country, Biden and Democrats have put all the fault on Donald Trump.

This is what makes Secretary of State Blinken’s recent admission all that more shocking.

On Sunday, Blinken confirmed that the lax handling of the pandemic by China during the early stages allowed COVID to get “out of hand faster.”

New Narrative

It sure is funny how narratives start to change once people get what they want.

Democrats from the outset blamed everything and everything COVID related on Donald Trump.

They did not even want to entertain the idea that China screwed the pooch somewhere along the line and deserved to be blamed for what was happening here in the United States.

Now, however, with Biden in office and struggling to get the problem under control himself, the narrative from top Democrats is already starting to change.

Blinken, while making an appearance on “Meet the Press,” stated, “I think China knows that in the early stages of Covid, it didn’t do what it needed to do, which was to, in real-time, give access to international experts, in real-time to share information, in real-time to provide real transparency.”

According to Blinken, that lack of transparency allowed the pandemic to get “out of hand faster and with, I think, much more egregious results than it might otherwise.”

Blinken also took a shot at the recent World Health Organization (WHO) report that was issued, stating that he had “real concerns about the methodology and the process that went into that report, including the fact that the government in Beijing apparently helped to write it.”

Now, I could be crazy, but I am fairly sure Donald Trump and Republicans were pushing that narrative long before election day.

While Trump was initially complimentary of China on its handling of the virus, that narrative changed dramatically after it became apparent China was hiding information from our government.

I cannot help but wonder how much more united the country would have been and how much further we would be regarding the pandemic had Democrats worked with Trump instead of politicizing the pandemic from the outset.

But, then again, had they done that, Joe Biden would not be living in the White House now, and that is all Democrats were really worried about at the time.

Source: Fox News

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52 Responses

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    Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding
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  2. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    I have said this a number of times. Biden and Harris really need to be impeached for braking all the laws of our country. Pelosi needs to be put completely out of our government.

    1. Hi Michael,

      I’d like to thank you for you years in service, I lived through the Vietnam War, from home.

      My brother in law did two tours of duty there.

      The 2nd time my sister was pregnant with there first child, she didn’t like being alone so I went to live with her.

      This being said.

      Sir I agree with you completely.

      Those two should nit only be Impeached, they should be charged, tried, convicted, and should be sentenced in accordance with there crimes.

      To be served in a SuperMaxx Prison, and be given no special considerations of any kind period!

      God Bless

        1. Jan, here is a spelling error on purpose that I made up and ALWAYS say :

          We live in the UNTIED States !!

      1. tRump, his criminal family, and the rest of his cronies should be held accountable for their actions and crimes!!!

        1. You need Psychological help.You must be one of the sheep that follow the Communist News Networks.

        2. What are the crimes committed by Trump and his cronies. Now the Biden crime family has numerous crimes.

          Prior to the election Biden said Trump could have stopped all the deaths. My question why Biden has not stopped it. He even had the vaccine to help him. Look at all the deaths Biden created in 199 days being in office.

    2. I don’t know if china knew how much division this virus would cause in the US, but they wanted Trump out and GOD only knows how much money they spent on election interference!
      How many US citizens has the china created virus killed, half a MILLION and counting! How many killed world wide?
      Biden is owned by china!
      I would tell china that there is a nuclear option that can be used!!!

    3. Thank you for having the balls to tell the truth, all I hear are lies coming out of Washington. If all they want to do is change the things that President Trump did that helped Americans they should be impeached, fired and if they broke laws imprisoned plan and simple. What has been going on the past five years is a disgrace.

    4. Thank you. Yes but how? Is any of this a military thing? With your background, you must have useful, realistic ideas to share among those you trust.
      My son-in-law is a Colonel, USA, Armor. 2x Iraq, 1 Afghanistan, 23 years… I was with my daughter for the births of their children because he was not. What the families of our military have to accept can be quite difficult… ♡

  3. Why would Biden want to make China at fault? He does business, he, his son and brother are in business in China, so if they blamed China they might get tossed out.

    Another subject: If they get Joe to resign on medical, we are stuck with do nothin Harris. He gave her an order and she went about her merry way selling her property because she knows that all hell will break loose when we get all the illegals, criminals included, in this country real estate will bottom out. She cares about her men friends and herself and that is all. She cackles all the time instead of answering queries because she is not NOT Presidential material.

    1. I think she’ll be able to be impeached too. She’s another one that has already violated her oath of office so many times; the only reason she was chosen for VP is because she is a “woman of color”. I know Pelosi is next but there’s enough to get rid of her too; with any luck she’ll get pushed out by her own party.

    2. It was known from the git go that the Bidens are in bed with China and his son is nothing but a money/power hungry drug abuser. Democrats were also aware that Joe Biden is in no way Presidential material and neither is Kamala. When people bite off their nose to spite their face, things never turn out well. Democrats wanted to be in complete control and they certainly got this also. But most of all they wanted Donald Trump GONE!!!! We all suspected that the 2020 election was stolen. Now it appears it has been proven over and over again. Why then are we not doing everything possible to get both Joe and Kamala IMPEACHED???? The Democrats tried to Impeach Donald Trump on some nonsense that wasn’t true and almost succeeded. So why are the Republicans sitting on their hands and doing nothing. I know that with our government being completely controlled by the ‘Democrats in complete control, impeachment is a long shot. However we may be surprised at how many Democrats secretly want Joe and Kamala impeached. We have to do something or America is gone. AND I DO MEAN GONE.

      1. I’m all for what you have written but to answer the most important question…….WHY DON’T THE REPUBLICANS IMPEACH biden/harris AND THROW PELOSI IN THE NEAREST “DUMBSTER”…..I do believe they want to control both “HOUSE and SENATE” First and that s/b coming up this next election2022. So hold onto your “front row seats” as the ……DROP…KICK…..BOOT will commence!!!
        As far as “America being gone”…..well the fight has NOT YET begun…(as quoted in our History….”We have not yet begun to fight”)I do NOT believe the American Public will just “allow biden et al” to take this country to the pits….PEACEFULLY/QUIETLY/AMERICA has fought to hard to allow a FEW MAGGOTS TO RULE….and believe it or not there are Some Americans who LIKE biden/harris….(as hard to swallow as that is)!

  4. The Democrats were brutal toward Trump before and during his term in office. It was ridiculous. Now the Democrats are blaming Trump for their own failures and stupid ideas. What a bunch or morons we have leading the USA. It’s scary!

  5. This is stunning. Finally admitting something about China and Covid? He probably won’t be in his position for much longer since this is the wrong Biden narrative.

  6. I agree with YOU, Mr. Michael Saunders, U S. Army S. F……Thanks to you for haveing served our be loved USA witih LOVE, DEVOTION AND SACRIFIES! God bless you and all those whom you love! Most especially, GOD Bless our Beloved USA which you spent your youth to serve!

    We need VARIFICATIONS whendealing with the Chinese! They march at NIGHT! Honest people move under the bright DAY LIGHT! The dishonst move at nighht, when people are resting and, there is no LIGHT TO REVEAL and BEAR to the TRUTH!

  7. How is it that no one has reminded the taxpayers that Obama gave Wuhan Lab lots of tax dollars to make the Wuhan Virus, then China released it, and it went to many countries by them sending infected Chinese to visit. President Trump closed our southern gates, but some of the Customs Agents, in California, let the Chinese in anyway. The infected Chinese went directly to many cities all over our country and spread the Wuhan Virus rapidly.

  8. It was a planned attack on the American people. Death and scare tactics is called control. Fauci,Obama, Biden, Hillary and Pelosi knew all about it. They want the illegals and black to take over. Impeach everyone of them. Trump is coming for you all.

  9. Agree with all posts! This “ plandemic” was staged to take our attention away from what was REALLY going on, the rigging of the election! Obama had it all set up, so they could cheat joebama into office, thus giving Obama his third term! HE is running this sh!t show from behind the curtain! Biden is the stooge who is taking the fall! Harris is who Obama really wants in, because she is as much of a snake as he is!

  10. Biden is going along with this farce because he thinks his “ purported dementia” gives him plausible deniability. “ he can’t help it, he is senile” he thinks it will save him from prosecution. Hopefully, it won’t!

  11. My God.
    What a bunch of losers. The Democraps like Biden belongs
    In jail for what he is doing to the American people What about the true American legals, take care of them before the illegals. They should be sent back to there OWN country. Look after the true America

  12. Looks like there might be some in the Biden cabal who are not
    really that eager to cover up the lies and fraud being perpetrated
    by these Obama sewer rats. Isn’t it amazing how some people are
    so quick to accept anything these bums say as truth, then it is always
    proven to be a lie. A real impressive bunch a scumbags we have
    running our country. I would think those who voted for Biden would
    be feeling a great amount of shame for falling for the lies and fraud.
    You must be so impressed with yourselves for being such idiots.

    1. Is someone referring to SEC of STATE Blinken who has run afoul of Biden’s words….and admits CHINA is responsible for not alerting the world about the Coronavirus, to tell people to stay inside. ya know about a month or so before this all came out….there was a short video of a Chinese man shouting to his wife about some experiment that has gone wrong and if she should get sick to take some “aspirins”…..just before falling dead in front of her. This was a quick clip on TV…and I’ve never seen it since. And for those who think I’m dreaming…..sorry but I still have my “wits” about me. But to further reply to “S” ….I do not believe ALL DEMOCRATS are on the same “Playing Field as biden” nor do they believe what he is doing is the “sensible thing to do” by allowing all these “KIDS” to enter this country …what in the Name of HOLY…does biden expect to do w/these kids?? except allow them the streets to live on and beg for food…..WHY??? these kids are “street kids’ they know how to lie/steal/rob/manipulate ppl. for whatever they want/need. When you get hungry …you do what you NEED to do to get by.

  13. You mean someone in the Harris/Biden administration is leaning toward admitting that Trump was right? Amazing! This must have really upset Biden to hear that. Yes, China needs to be held accountable for their actions and failures to act properly. The WHO needs to be held accountable too.

  14. Whats more than bothersome to me is all the people who voted for these termites…something needs to be done with them!

    1. Hopefully Mitchell, these people who voted for biden will see the “error of their votes” and change. If not then that’s their call and they will NEVER see or follow a person but follow just the “party”. These are the “die hard” voting Democrats who even if the Devil were to run….and was a Democrat>>>>these people would vote for “the devil”. Thinking mechanism is Not always present in some people. THEY vote Democrat regardless….these are the scary ones!!!! As I tell people ….look/listen/see what Officials say they want to accomplish and don’t judge them by the “party they belong to”. Would be nice if this were the case in all Elections but it isn’t and biden is a good case in point….biden is a pathological liar…would not surprise me to find out his “first wife died in a car crash due to a malfunction of the vehicle”…since biden was fking the babysitter who is now his wife. (once a liar…always a liar esp if it’s the only way they speak is….to lie)

      1. Oh, my… new info for me !
        Plus: I’ve always thought that the privilege of voting required of me the responsibility to be as informed as possible and my vote should reflect what I thought was best for the country. It was when I heard that someone voted for Clinton because “he was good looking” that I realized we were in trouble. It takes time and energy to be an American citizen but I don’t think people in general put the effort into it. So, here we are…

  15. The democrats are an ally of the communist china (hunter and the big guy gets 10%) and probably encouraged china to spread this virus world wide.

  16. I think every day what our country would be
    like now, if only, we hadn’t been victims
    of a virus that is still so hard to understand
    it’s origin. Also, this terrible virus was an
    ideal excuse for certain states to change
    their voting laws to suit their agenda. How sad
    it is to watch our country go from being
    prosperous and secure when President
    Trump was in the White House to the uncertainties we face each day.

    1. I can’t help but think its part of the Plan because it created the chaos, division, and fear required for them to move forward with the n#w*[email protected] plan requiring the collapse of the US.
      There’s a reason that jo has been in govt 47 years and lost his 1st bid to the wh after being bp for 8 years– incompetence. THIS is why people really shouldn’t have ever considered him but they, obviously, didn’t do their homework.

  17. Hey Blinken where were U last year March 2020?
    Playing dumb, lame & stupid like last talks with China.
    U really care now, Gee.
    OK force China to fess up OK
    OR Your the coward of the county right

  18. Dumb A$$ illegal administration, the rest of America and the world knew this from the start……..They are either stupid or Evil or more likely Both.

  19. It’s obvious that the liberals have, over the course of 200 plus years, learned exactly how to cheat the system !! That being said, the ONLY way that we can bring back honesty to this government is for many politicians to either step down, which is unlikely, or for them to DIE !!! My preference is for the latter, that way they cannot reemerge at a later date and start this stupidity once again. NO TRUE CHANGE HAS EVER BEEN ACHIEVED PEACEFULLY IN THIS COUNTRY, EVER !!! It’s time to show these liberal retards exactly who runs this country, and it ain’t them !!!!

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