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Senator Alexander Asks President Trump to Wear Mask

The Trump administration has been adamant that while the CDC recommends wearing a mask/facial covering, it believes this decision should reside at the state level.

President Trump is rarely seen wearing a mask, something that has created quite the uproar among Democrats, accusing the President of setting a bad example.

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) is now on that same boat, recently recommending Trump begin to wear a mask to show a positive example.

He stated, “I wish the president would wear a mask when it’s appropriate because millions of Americans admire him. And they would follow his lead.

“And his experts have told all of us that social distance and washing your hands is the way we can contain the disease, to go back to school and back to work.

“It also would help to get rid of this political debate, that if you’re for President Trump, you don’t wear a mask, and if you’re against President Trump, you do wear a mask. The stakes are much too high for that.”

Adding, “I understand why he doesn’t. Most of the time he’s with people who have been tested, he’s been tested, so they’re not infecting each other.

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“But there are times when he could wear a mask. The vice president could wear a mask.

“It would signal to the country that it’s important to do so. It would help contain the disease. People admire him and will follow his lead.

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“So, I think it would be a sign of strength if he would, from time to time, wear a mask and remind everyone that it is a good way to help with this disease.”

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