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Senator Cruz Calls Oprah Winfrey’s White Privilege Comments ‘Utter, Racist BS’

The one good thing out of the George Floyd rioting is that we are finally seeing that there is a real racism problem in this country, only it does NOT all fall on the white community.

Liberals would have us all believe that the only racism in this country exists in white people against minorities.

Based on recent statements from people like Oprah Winfrey, though, it is pretty clear racism runs deep in all races.

Your Whiteness

I don’t care who you are, you should never be made to feel bad about your race, but that is exactly what is happening to white people in this country right now.

We are being pelted for the actions of others that happened centuries ago.

The racism streak in Oprah runs deep, as was made evident during her recent “conversation.”

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Now, imagine the audacity for Oprah, a black woman worth billions, to say to some poor white person on the street that he or she is in a better place in this world than she is simply because that person still has his or her “whiteness.”

What a crock of sh**!

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) sees it much the same way I do…

The boys over at Sky News were also rather amazed this is the narrative that Oprah decided to push…

Systemic Racism

The new coin phrase of the day that we are all having rammed down our throats is “systemic racism.”

Now, I am not so naïve that I think the world is without racism, because it is not and it probably never will be.

However, I firmly believe saying there is systemic racism is 100 percent false.

By definition, minorities would have zero chance of success in this country if there were systemic racism and Oprah Winfrey and the presidency of Barack Obama are pretty fair proof that is not the case.

And let’s not even go down the path of saying they are outliers because we all know that to be false.

My minority friends laugh at the idea that the system is now holding them back simply because they know it is not true and they refuse to buy into this constant narrative from the left that they are a victim in today’s world.

We are allowing the actions of a few to become the presumed actions of many, which is simply unfair.

What is racist, however, is saying that we should ONLY be supporting black businesses and that you should ONLY be hiring people of color to level off the scales.

What Oprah and her fellow activists are doing right now is creating more racial divide, not a push for equality.

Every generation in this country has made our country better and better, but this new movement and uber-progressive generation are turning people in every ethnic group into racists.

I have said this before but it is worth saying again… the current movement we are seeing is about submission and domination, not equality.

The more people see and realize this, the angrier they are going to get and the more divide there will be.

Sources: Fox News & The Blaze

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