Senator Hawley Calls Out Pelosi Over Partisan Honoré Appointment

Many of us would love to see a true investigation into the Capitol riot to find out what really happened.

When the idea of a 9/11-type commission being appointed was brought up, the one stipulation we all had was that it would be truly a bipartisan appointment.

That, however, did not happen and Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is now calling out House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) for making an appointment that was made to clearly protect her own interests.

Absolutely Outrageous

Honoré is a retired three-star Army general, but he is about as left-wing as it gets.

When the Capitol riot first happened, Honoré was regurgitating all the typical left-wing talking points.

Pelosi also tagged him to investigate security at the Capitol, but you better believe he will never point a finger at Pelosi herself, the individual who all this falls under.

On Honoré, Hawley stated, “This is a guy who did what we’ve seen the liberals do time and again — he blamed the police first.

“He had no facts, no idea what actually went on and is out there blaming the police and saying they are complicit, that they helped the rioters.

“It is absolutely outrageous, but if you look at his history, he has over and over again blamed law enforcement, criticized law enforcement who were responding to rioters all last summer.”

Hawley ultimately concluded, “This is somebody who has no business, no business, leading a security review.”

You can see Hawley’s full segment with Tucker Carlson in the video below…

If anyone wants this review to be believed, they better find someone else to write it, otherwise, it is nothing more than partisan nonsense that will only create more distrust for government.

Source: Fox News

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