Senator Hawley Drops Whistleblower Information, Zuckerberg Stunned

On Tuesday, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) had Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg in the hot seat.

Hawley has already been tagged as a rising star in the party, but after seeing what he did to Zuckerberg, this stock has gone up even higher.

The shining moment for Hawley was when he dropped surprise information on Zuckerberg that had been provided by a whistleblower.

Coordinated Censorship

There has always been a belief among conservatives, especially in the alt-media market, that shadow-banning has been taking place across all platforms.

This, however, has been tough to prove, but Senator Hawley seemed to have a treasure trove of damning evidence dropped right into his lap on this front.

What makes it even juicier is that when Hawley dropped the info on Zuckerberg, he was clearly unprepared for the fact that significant details of the Facebook operation, how it is monitoring people, gathering data, and possibly communicating with other platforms, has been exposed.

Hawley put up a demonstrative, then dropped the bomb on Zuckerberg.

He stated, “The platform reflects censorship input from Google and Twitter, as well.

“…Facebook censorship teams communicate with their counterparts at Twitter and Google and then enter those companies’ suggestions for censorship onto the Task platform so that Facebook can follow up with them and effectively coordinate their censorship efforts.”

Hawley also put up a tweet showing more damning information about how these platforms are allegedly working together to ban people or limit their reach…


Zuckerberg may have opened himself up to some serious legal problems.

He danced around Hawley’s questions rather skillfully for most of the interview, but he was clearly rattled.

However, at one point, Zuckerberg may have openly lied.

While being asked about the communications, Zuckerberg stated, “Senator, we do not coordinate our policies.

Zuckerberg later stated that he “would expect that some level of communication.”

If Hawley’s information is correct, however, it does seem to show a coordinated effort.

This would mean it is either happening with Zuckerberg’s approval, which will be a real problem for Zuckerberg, OR Facebook is loaded with rogue operators who have taken it upon themselves to undertake this task, which seems unlikely considering Zuckerberg’s known hands-on approach to the company.

The table seems to be set for some real penalties to be handed down to both Twitter and Facebook, so now it is just a matter of whether or not referrals are made and if our Justice Department pulls the trigger on going after them.

Source: Fox Business

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