Senator Marshall to Introduce ‘Fauci Act’

In what may be one of the most epic political trolls of all time, Senator Marshall (R-KS) is about to have the last laugh on Dr. Fauci.

This week, Fauci snapped during the hearing, calling Senator Marshall a “moron.”

Marshall responded, but not with an insult.

The Fauci Act

Marshall is going to introduce the Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals (FAUCI) Act.

The new legislation, if passed, would mandate that the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) provide a list of all confidential filers within the government whose financial disclosures are not public.

Now, this will never get passed with Democrats in charge, so, hopefully, Marshall will hold off until Republicans take back Congress.

Fauci has found himself under relentless attacks by the GOP, and they are deserved.

My guess is that since Joe Biden won’t fire him, the GOP plans to apply as much pressure as is humanely possible to get him to resign.

What do you think of the FAUCI Act?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News


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16 Responses

  1. The FAUCI Act is a brilliant idea. Fight corruption with new legislation. It is imperative that this evil doer be crushed!

    1. His $10 million dollars in the bank won’t do him a bit of good then. Let’s hope they confiscate that money and give it to the millions of people he medically injured.

  2. Fauci and Gates engineered this whole “pandemic” as they were behind the funding of the gain of function research that gave us this virus. They made sure their media ridiculed anyone touting natural immunity or the very long list of repurposed medications that studies showed were effective treatments for covid. They killed hundreds of thousands – all for profit from Big Pharma. Sick murderers.

    1. YES THE PROBLEM IS WITH THE WEAK rhinos The Party should remove all of them in order to take back AMERICA or
      “BBAA” Bring Back AMERICA AGAIN

  3. Well as I SEE IT FAUCI as watching this person from the first lie to present being fired is not enough.
    This killer of dogs for profit, now helping to kill AMERICANS FOR CHINA!!! Just to fire him is a joke…
    Using American tax payers money to pay CHINA and crate this virus !! NOW what do you think we should do with
    him as you know his pay is the higher than all of the WHITE HOUSE. I SAY PRISON FOR LIFE, before CHINA KILLS more AMERICANS

    1. Bob: What is the penalty for treason?? Isn’t that what the Liar Fauci has done? He’s lied to congress, lied to the Amerian People. Almost every time he opens his mouth his story changes, with another lie. I’d prefer if the penalty for treason were to be applied; just starting with him and working down the line, you know, Piglosie, Pencil-neck, Cryin’ Chuckie, the pengiun, just for starters. Just sayin’ that is.

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