Senator Romney Challenges Joe Biden to Match His Bipartisan Rhetoric

One of the big things Joe Biden spoke about during the election was bringing both the American people and Congress back together in a post-Trump era.

So far, Biden has done none of that, pushing partisan legislation and continuing to insult conservatives at every turn.

Well, his buddy Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) seems to be having some buyer’s remorse, and he is now challenging Joe Biden to live up to his word.

Live Up to Your Word

When it comes to Trump supporters, any insult against Donald Trump is an insult against them, something that Joe Biden does not seem to grasp.

Every time he lies about something Trump did or takes a cheap shot at Trump, there are probably about 50 million or so Americans, if not more, that get upset.

Between that and the constant playing of the race card, all Biden and his fellow Democrats have done is further divide the country, not unite it.

When we get to Congress, it is more of the same.

Biden regularly invites Republicans to back his legislation but yet he does not want their input.

It is either sign your name, as is, or get out of our way because we do not need you.

I am not sure what dictionary Joe Biden is using to define bipartisanship, but that surely is not in any book I have ever seen.

Romney, a Joe Biden supporter and dangerously close to being on the left side of the aisle more so than the right, is finally calling Biden out on this.

The Utah Senator tweeted out, “A Senate evenly split between both parties and a bare Democratic House majority are hardly a mandate to ‘go it alone.’

“The President should live up to the bipartisanship he preached in his inaugural address.”

Biden apparently did not see that, because he is now trying to redefine bipartisanship, as we noted in a post earlier today.

Now, even if a single Republican does not back his legislation, Biden would like the media to refer to it as bipartisan if he believes some Republican voters are behind the legislation.

So, Mitt, you helped get this clown into the White House, so now it is your responsibility to expose him as a fraud and help get him out of there in 2024.

Source: Breitbart

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93 Responses

      1. then commi congress and senate. Return Trump and replace fired scam. Rid off leaches, parasites and criminals.

        1. Sure, they should ALL be impeached, but it won’t happen and it can’t happen unless/until the Republicans win back the majority in BOTH houses of Congress. When the Senatorial run-offs in Georgia were won(?) by the Dems, all hope was lost … elections have consequences. All of our democratic Senators and Representatives are in the majority, and are in lock-step … so guess what? They control everything. For example, articles of impeachment were presented against Biden on January 22nd. Nancy Pelosi simply got out her broom, (witches broom I might add), and swept “them” under the rug … never to be heard from again.

          1. It will only happen when we Americans finally get pissed and start fixing it our self. Read constitution about the people being able to take back government if by force if necessary.

        2. Peloser should be the first person in this coup to get impeached vote to impeach Pelosi know she has got the black and white against each other than ever before it’s got where everything people say is that gets tied up with racist things like that will have the black and white fighting each other and this will destroy the black and white race please ever one look at what they are doing to us they want the black and white destroy each other!!!

    1. I agree with you but let me ask, when you say “AMERICANS MUST RISE UP” what do you mean exactly?? Are you talking about protesting?? Riots?? Violence in someway?? Starting another civil war?? How would you define your definition of “RISE UP??”

      1. I’ll can only give my opinion for what “rise up” means – won’t try to put words in anyone else’s mouth. That said. “Rise up” means doing what states like Alaska have done – declared 2nd amendment Sanctuary status for all it’s residents. Or Missouri declaring all residents part of a state militia. It means to forcibly fight against unlawful warrantless search and seizures. It means things like – Stop flying on Delta because they feel voter ID is unjust while requiring photo ID to use their airline. Companies like Coke that want their employees to “be less white”. It means to Demand that “All Lives Matter” and quickly and firmly point out that ANY qualifier to that statement in itself is Racist. It means pulling your kids from any school pushing ‘critical race theory’. In the end – if they come to take your guns that is – in itself – an act of war. “…Protect from enemy’s both foreign AND domestic”.

      2. Republicans yi dare have not rooted! We have not acted with violence! Do not insult us with your questioning of what “rise up” means. Speak up as a Republican. Join A Conservative America on FB! Do not allow the democratic rhetoric to continue!

      3. Protest a show in numbers. Then if they give us grief trying to stop our peaceful protest a civil war might be warranted. We should also cosider that DC is not a state or really even part of the USA so we should block them in and rule ourselves.stop paying federal taxes until we have real representation.

      4. Yes I have to agree who is this someone who says rise up show people how to do something about this ever time I speak about this we get roasted and get put down tell the people how we will listen

      5. Fact….Government produces nothing! They take. So, one way to rise up outside of a civil war is, all Trump voters, which would be half the country , started a TAX revolt, until we got some truth of these corrupt Commies. No money, no BS.

    2. Please Republicans get some backbone and help us republican citizens have a voice. If we don’t agree with all Democrat ideas then we are “rioters, looters, racist etc… Cancel Culture is soooooo out of control!! Lead us, help us, show us how to stand up for our rights. How to be heard when Freedom of the Press is ruling with all their billlions!! They are suppressing us. You were elected to stand fo

    3. I agree. He violated his oath of office four times from day one. Article 4 Section 4 of the US constitution states that the president should protect states from invasion; four states have been invaded. the american people have accepted over 100 million in the last sixty years, we’ve done our part….no more until we retrieve some of those 78,000 factories that left under NAFTA taking five million jobs….I am so sick of this administration and those who voted for a man past his prime.

      1. Dana, right on ! I cannot think of one good person who cares about We the People in the Democratic regime !!!

    4. Joe Biden has blood on his hands, in several ways…….the abortion issues gets deeper and deeper……shudder……..the crisis on the border is the kicker, along with the 1st blood he has caused, people dying down there, thanks Joe for inviting in 11 million immigrants, this list is long and could take a while to list but those two alone should make most folks back off from him before he kills our country too !~!!!!

    1. Romney’s nothing but a RINO, vote him out, let a true conservative Republican serve the state of Utah.

  1. Heck yes you are right about that my friend we have to stand up for our country and impeach blow Biden

  2. Too late, Mitt! You’ve already proven you can’t be trusted to support our Constitution and freedoms and what’s best of America. So your lame move at this late date is a bit, fat FAIL! 🙁

    1. I am not too keen on Romney waking up, I sure don’t want him on my side. He’s one of them like McCain, Mc Connel, and a few others, there like a windmill, the wind blows and they change directions

  3. CLUES JOE he has the worst president ever. Plus he only in office 3 months god bless America. This president of has done nothing to help Americans at all that including 47 years Senator. By the end his term American will be third World country.

    1. It isn’t even Biden doing all of those things. Pelosi and her band of demons are the ones pulling the strings. Biden couldn’t even write his own speeches, answer questions…

    2. You are sooooo RIGHT!!! We have to put our signatures in every poll to rid peloton, impeach Biden, put Miss AOC back in first grade etc…..!!!!!!!

    1. Not exactly sure what it is but he’s certainly trying to position himself the best way he knows how for some reason..

  4. Get him out now 25th immediately we won’t have a country in 4 years. Impeach The Giggler, Pelosi, Shiff, Schumer, and Swawell
    …….(Russian Disinformation)

  5. It is time for Americans to wake up now and do something to stop this show of strength before we become communism under China! Mitt you are to late and we cannot trust you now! I Am so sick of Republicans voting to support the DemoRATS, yet they want their position year after year. I sure hope the term limit for Congress get approved, we sure need it now! It is the only way to get some of them out. These people in Congress sell their people out, because they are friends with Joe Biden. Time to impeach all of Congress that got us in this mess now! And time to impeach some DemoRAT governors also.

  6. How about over 80 Million Trump Supporters when the truth come s out and they want him back now.

    1. I back trump every day and still do can’t you see that Pelosi and her puppet are doing we are in a very serious situation and it’s not going to end well


      1. Finally, someone that knows the plan. I’d like to add, stand up means every state should still fight for their rights and not let Biden/ Harris regime keep raising them for their own projects, stand up means we use the courts to do their jobs. Legally.

    1. Evangeline; if they won’t post what you said then you know you got it right. Try to change your words but put out the same meaning. I get centered often!

  8. Convention of States must be called. Maybe defund the Federal government. Maybe have a new election by sending our votes and grievances to the Pentagon or the CIA.

  9. Did not Biden when GE was sworn in, promise to enforce and to obeys the laws if our land?
    GE has failed miserably to live yo to his word. We have immigration laws on our books that he has chosen to ignore.
    To my way of thinking that by and in of its self is grounds for impeachment.

  10. arrest that commie biden,hes done somuch against the people of this country ,he should b charged with treason!,selling out to the the american hater countrys!!

  11. Do not trust Mitt Romney he is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. He lost his bid for President and hated Trump for winning.

  12. Romney is the exact example of what is wrong with the GOP. No Balls to stand up for conservative values and thinks that he can ride the middle of the road when in end, he and the GOP will become road kill.

  13. I the issue concerning China, I will be surprised if they don’t Nuke the U.S. Maybe Iran will do it because they just might have the gall to think they can survive a Nuclear strike.

  14. I think Mittens is trying to save his butt and by starting this early he has high hopes of doing it. I am afraid it is to late for all RINO’S…

    1. Every citizen that is fed up with watching these idiots destroy everything we gained with president Trump should decide what freedom is worth because we are loosing our freedom.
      Make your decision what you are going to do before you wake up and find the decision has been made for you and your freedom to decide on a course of action has been lost.

      1. How about considering the things that he’s done on their specific merit whether one is R or D? Example: What’s happening at the border is about to become a humanitarian crisis. It doesn’t matter if you’re d or r and speaking in thay way only serves to continue division. I believe that it’s a subtle yet in our faces manipulation to continue to divide us.

        1. BTW, I’m a staunch and hearty T supporter. Just was thinking about this ds and the division/chaos stuff that they have to keep going at the least as a distraction from the other stuff they’re doing while people are busy knocking each other.

  15. I wouldn’t trust Spit Romney as far as I could carry his dog on top my car. As for Dementia Joe, he’s already violated his oath of office, broken several laws and used his Executive Orders in unconstitutional ways. Impeachment waiting.

  16. MitRom is a Fabulist Rino that Only does what HE thinks will Benefit HIMSELF and to H*ll with Everything & Everyone else!! Should be blackballed and thrown OUT of the GOP as he Never Helps Republicans when we need it Most!

  17. Challenges Biden to join Romney’s bipartisan rhetoric? What the hell is bipartisan about Romney? Unless one counts the fact that he likes to label himself Republican…as far as everything he does and says goes, shouts that he is a die hard Democrat, his label “Republican” is the ONLY thing bipartisan about him.

  18. bide/harris need to be dragged from the white house, put in a cage and sent to the southern border along with all democrats in congress also in cages.

  19. It seems fruitless to say “Impeach Biden/Harris” or anyone else for that matter. Unless you control both the Houses you aren’t going to impeach anyone (the democrats tried to impeach Trump twice and failed because they didn’t control the Senate). Trying to impeach Biden without controlling the House or the Senate would be a waste of tax-payers dollars. Besides, the democrats accepted 81 million votes (when there were only 59 million registered votes remaining) to end up rigging the election and winning. It should be noted this could not have been done without the consent and cooperation of large cooperations, unions, democrats, mainstream media, Deep State, and other liberal radicals including the Supreme Court, i.e., they united to cheat and ignored the evidence the democrats clearly presented to them.

  20. Hooray division on the Hill: RINO vs Dem.
    What took so long Romney
    any allies support cause too?

  21. Figure out some method to succeed before they lock us all up .>>People who don’t & can’t embrace the actions of the present powers and contend that an election is only as secure as the people that administer it .The need for citizens who support the Constitution are pitted against a Whitehouse ,Congress & Supreme Court that does NOT support our Constitution . People need to consider another Union of people who will follow the Constitution and the Christen belief our founders put forth ,,.> IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK !!

  22. After it has been reviewed that the democratic party is completely responsible for the election 2020 and its bad election of a very stupid/crazy/commie person. Time we cancel the election –put those responsible in prison and put the right person in the WHITE HOUSE President Donald J. Trump This election in 2020 was a complete wrong –and needs to be corected before we become another Venezuela.

  23. Romney and Biden are two pieces of feces from the same mold, both of them are useless and out of touch with sane people.

  24. I believe that we need to get rid of all these communist why can’t we put them in prison they are breaking our laws we must have some rights we need president trump in the white house and the rest in jail but first put them in all in in with the kids in the little jail let them run noises and see what they have done

  25. This is a primary year, this is where you clean out the congress in primaries…where changes happen. do not wait until November as that is when people vote their parties. Look for the best, the most intelligent, military background, business background, governor background, etc. Leave the bartenders for NY, leave those who date Chinese spies for the Californians, we need to find the best and those states have given congress their least.

  26. Anyone who did not recognize that Joe Biden is and has been lying from the very beginning is either blind, deaf, or just completely ignorant!
    Or just as criminality compliant as Joe and the rest of the Biden family, sort of reminds me of the Mafia and how they function.
    So far he has been true to his capabilities and skillset, ZERO! If it weren’t for the Trump administration Joe would not have any kind of idea where to go or what to oppose! 40+ years in government and ZERO to show for it!

    Perhaps we now have a new descriptive name for Joe, “ZERO JOE!”

  27. Romney you are an idiot for believeing the bobblehead in the first place he is a demon democrat and liar. now you see how he is rapidly ruining our country and you want to back peddle. moron!!!!

  28. Put Biden and cackles together you still would not have a whole same person. Together they still wouldn’t know how to cross a street with out any traffic.

  29. All the Demo need to be tossed out in the middle of the ocean and let the sharks eat its lunch time sharks and take the Republican Rihnos with you and let the real leader lead our country biden is not a leader he can’t even keep his dogs under control dumb!@@#$%& get the !@#$ out of our way we need to all ignore the idiot and do things the way we are use to it being done

  30. Joe blow wouldn’t know the truth if it was staring him right in the eye he claims he is Catholic he is not Christian at all otherwise our country would not be the way it is if he actually went to church and be a real christian

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