Senator Susan Collins Trailing in Latest Polls

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) decided to side against Donald Trump and the Republican push to have Trump’s nominee approved before election day.

She has been trying to middle her way through the last four years on just about every major issue, this being the latest one, and now her voters have seemingly had enough.

Collins is now trailing her Democrat opponent in the latest polls, trailing Democrat Sara Gideon by four points.

Winning Liberals as a Conservative

Collins is trying to do the impossible… luring in liberal voters for a conservative candidate.

From what we have seen in the past, all this does is cost you support from the conservative base while doing nothing to lure in liberal voters that may be more moderate.

Right now, it is all or nothing on the left, and that is showing in the support that Collins has been losing in her home state.

Her constant middling on issues has her support among conservatives dwindling and the left is simply not buying her position… and now she is likely to lose the election.

While I don’t want to see Republicans lose the Senate, I would not mind seeing one or two of these lifelong politicians get ousted if we can keep the majority and win the seat next time around.

Collins has been holding that seat since 1997, which is far more than I want to see any politician in office.

I am a firm believer that we need term limits throughout Congress, so kicking a two-decade member out of the Senate is not a bad thing to me.

If conservatives are going to lose a seat, shedding dead weight like Collins and bringing in some new blood in the next election is a great place to start.

You can read more about this report on the Washington Examiner.

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