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Seven Incumbents Ousted in Primary Races, Including 3 Long-time Incumbent Democrats

Remember when “drain the swamp” was the conservative rallying cry?

Well, it is finally happening. Maybe not at the speed or volume we want, but it IS happening.

Already this year in primary elections, seven sitting House members have lost their seats.

The Democrats

At the top of the list is Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.).

Engel has been sitting in the House for three decades and was the longest incumbent up for re-election during this cycle.

He was one of the power brokers in the Democrat party who served as the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Next up is Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO).

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Clay has won 10 consecutive terms in the House and owned one of those seats that was considered the family business.

Mr. Clay inherited the seat from his father, who had held the seat for more than three decades.

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So, finally, the people of Missouri will have representation by someone NOT named Clay for the first time in half a century.

Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-IL) has been sitting in Congress for more than 15 years, but he too has been ousted.

Lipinski’s ouster shows the influence of the new uber-progressive Democrats, as he was one of the few remaining pro-life Democrats left in office.

The Republicans

In all, four Republican incumbents are also taking a walk after failing to win their primary races.

Rep. Steve King (R-IO) has been a black-eye for the party for some time but he just kept on winning, until this year.

Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) was one of the few candidates that had the endorsement of Trump and still lost.

Tipton was defeated by Lauren Boebert, a major 2A advocate and small business owner who I personally think will be a huge boost for Trump if she wins her election.

Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) also had Trump’s support, but he lost a lot of support after officiating at a same-sex marriage. He was beaten by Bob Good.

Rep. Steve Watkins (R-KS) was only a freshman congressman, but he failed to hold his seat in the primary against Jake LaTurner.

Watkins was facing down voter fraud allegations at the time of the election, very much a sore spot with conservative voters, and it cost him.

It’s a start, but the work here is hardly done. Democrats such as Schumer, Pelosi, and Waters are still on the hit list as are Republicans McConnell and Graham.

Both sides need new blood and we need people with a backbone on the right that will stand up to the Democrat tactics we are seeing Republican leadership cower to all the time.

Source: Fox News

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