Several Pence Insiders Test Positive, Including Pence’s ‘Body Man’

There appears to be another possible surge going on within the Trump administration.

Over the weekend, numerous people inside Vice President Pence’s inner circle have tested positive.

This has included one of Pence’s closest aides, Zack Bauer, Pence’s body man.

Another COVID Scare

The last thing this administration can afford coming down the home stretch would be another massive outbreak.

That, however, is what seems to be happening in Pence’s inner circle.

On Sunday, reports started to break that numerous Pence aides had tested positive, including Zack Bauer, who is referred to as Pence’s body man.

Bauer’s role is to attach himself to Pence all day, assisting him throughout the day as needed.

Point being, Bauer’s positive test started to ring the bell that Pence could have possibly been infected.

Other’s who tested positive were Pence’s Chief of Staff, Marc Short, and adviser Marty Obst.

It should be noted, however, that both Pence and his wife have been tested and continue to test negative.

With Pence possibly being exposed, we would expect him to be tested multiple times each day to ensure he remains negative while out on the campaign trail (Pence has not hinted that he would cut back his schedule).

You can read more about this on The Hill.

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The RNC would not be the same without Moe. It’s an honor to celebrate his 80th birthday & dedicate an office in the building for Moe.

We are forever grateful for his heartfelt dedication – there will always be a home for Moe at the RNC. Happy Birthday!

When Joe Biden claimed in late April that “we’ve now gotten control,” border officials were encountering the most illegal immigrants in 20 years.

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Kamala Harris has been border crisis manager for over 50 days.

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