K-9 Handler Officer Shoots and Kills Man with Vape Pen

Something tells me that we have may have our next riot getting loaded for bear.

Police were executing a warrant on Donavon Lewis.

When the K-9 officer found Lewis, the handler officer opened the door, saw movement, and immediately opened fire, killing Lewis.

That is Not a Gun

This is one of those shootings where you can understand why what happened, happened, but that will matter little in the end.

The officer fired because Lewis made a move with his hand and had something in it.

Does the officer wait to identify and risk losing his life or does he fire?

As you can see the video below, he fired…

The object in Lewis’ hand was a vape pen, not a gun.

Lewis was wanted on charges of assault, domestic violence and felony improperly handling a firearm, so officers knew there was a good chance Lewis would be armed.

After the shooting, Police Chief Elaine Bryant stated, “Donovan Lewis lost his life.

“As a parent, you know, I sympathize and I grieve with his mother.

“I grieve with our community but we’re gonna allow this investigation to take place.”

Lewis will probably be painted as an angel, and the handler officer, Ricky Anderson, will be painted as an executioner.

Don’t be surprised if we find out in a few weeks that Anderson is being charged with murder or manslaughter.

What do you guys think?

Was this a clean shoot or should Anderson be charged?

Source: New York Post

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