Popular Instagram Influencer Shot and Killed in Her Home

A young lady that was just beginning to build her fanbase on Instagram has been murdered.

Brazilian beauty Núbia Cristina Braga was murdered after arriving back home on October 14.

According to reports, two men arrived by motorcycle, entered her home, then opened fire.

She was struck multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene.

Disturbing Trend

We are reporting this because this is something we are starting to see trend for some absurd reason.

Meaning, this is the second such murder in as many months.

This was a beautiful, well-liked young lady that was active in her community, so it is rather baffling that she would have been the target of a murder such as this.

The other girl was killed in Mexico.

She was lured out of her home by a phone call, then shot and killed.

With so many young adults in this country trying to make a go of it as an influencer, this is just something that we wanted to make people aware of so they can warn anyone they know of the possible dangers, especially if random strangers are suddenly getting in their IMs.

Source: New York Post