MyKayla Skinner Steps Up to Win Silver After Biles Withdraw from Vault

The departure of Simone Biles from the Women’s Gymnastics team left a void that nobody thought would be filled, but that has not happened.

Two incredible athletes have stepped up to take her place, one being the most unlikely of heroes, MyKayla Skinner.

Skinner has never had an easy path and earlier this week, she thought her career had a heartbreaking end.

Biles’ case of the twisties, however, had given her one more breath of life and she did not waste it.

Skinner crushed it during the women’s vault, taking Biles’ place in the individual competition.

The 24-year-old captured silver, bested only by Brazilian Rebeca Andrade, 15.083 to 14.196.

Skinner is only the fifth American to medal in the event.

Congratulations, MyKayla, you made your country and family very proud!

Source: New York Post

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